Find The Button

Hello this is my first map. So now i will say how to play it. There are 10 Levels every level has a hidden button. You must find in every level the button. In every level it has another theme. So... good luck🍀

(Read down for more infos!)

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My map was not in my list so i updated to see if it worked. Uploaded world file again.


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The pro level is hard how do you solve it
the hard part of lvl 3 waent finding the button it was cliking it
This is awesome ???
Im really having problems with the pro one, helppppp
ItsSupermanYT. This is my first map so it can be very bad. But i will be better on it. So respect me.
This map is half way decent..
It has ok builds although no super interesting things that kept me hooked.
Also the buttons were easily found except for the second button, which I had to cheat to be able to get it because I be alive it was impossible.