Published on July 06, 2021 (Updated on July 06, 2021)

Fire Sword & Ice Sword

Have you ever wanted to have the power of fire? in a sword? or maybe the power of ice? also in a sword?

Or have you ever wanted to burn your friend to death? or explode him to death? or maybe just burn down a bunch of trees?

Or perhaps you wanted to freeze your friend to death?

Well you are in luck because now you can have everything I just mentioned and more with my brand new addon.

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V1 - Initial Release

  • Added: Fire Sword
  • Added: Ice Sword
  • Added: Fire Crystal
  • Added: Fire Crystal

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Muy buen addon amigo... Es perfecto para alguien que se la pase en un mundo de armas xd
é porque vc tem que entrar no mod
infelizmente o meu minecraft não entende os arquivos como mod , eu baixo e abro a mine e n começa a "importação" .
Recommended to anyone who wants to mod their survival world with op weapons