Published on August 09, 2020 (Updated on August 09, 2020)

Five Nights at Freddy´s Sister Location [Dany Fox]

From an underground establishment not only with the sole objective of

Entertaining kids comes to Minecraft Bedrock Edition to accompany you and 

continue this party of screams and horror in your Minecraft worlds 

This add-on includes 3D Models, Items, Blocks, Sounds and among other things that you can use to create Roleplay, Survival, Adventure maps and everything you can imagine

This is not an official Scott Cawthon add-on, it is a fan recreation for fans, all rights reserved for Scott Cawthon


  1. Funtime Freddy
  2. Bon Bon
  3. Bonnet
  4. Circus Baby
  5. Funtime Foxy
  6. Lolbit
  7. Ballora
  8. Ennard
  9. Yendo
  10. Minireena
  11. Bidybab
  12. Electrobab
  13. Exotic Butters
  14. Test Animation
  15. Hand Unit
  16. Baby Plush
  17. Funtime Freddy Plush
  18. Funtime Foxy Plush
  19. Ballora Minifigure
  20. Plush Babys
  21. Circus Baby Showtime
  22. Funtime Freddy Showtime
  23. Funtime Foxy Showtime
  24. Ballora Showtime
  25. Ennard Morph
  26. Foxdee
  27. Foxdee Plush

This add-on was supported by BendyTheDemon18 and Julius Scizzor


She usually dances all the time, run away from her when you listen to her music or instead you will die

Bidybab and Electrobab

They are fast but not so strong, when they detect that someone is close they run towards you, They have little range of sight, do not get too close
Electrobab's eyes can glow in the dark

Bon Bon and Bonnet

Bon Bon and Bonnet are not fast and they are not strong, they can enter through small spaces

Circus Baby

She doesn't usually want to attack, but sometimes she changes her mind, Baby can make ice cream and her eyes glow in the dark


Ennard is very hostile and undoubtedly attacks, has a wide range of view and can climb, it is not very fast but it is very strong and withstands many blows
Ennard may or may not wear his mask

Funtime Foxy

He is a very fast animatronic with a wide range of view, you will need to run from it if you do not want it to catch you

Funtime Freddy

Funtime Freddy can have Bon Bon or not, you can place it with a special item, Funtime Freddy is not very fast

Hand Unit

Your co-worker


Lolbit is a version of Funtime Foxy but with the ability to show an image on the player's face when you are close


Minireenas are small fast animatronics that can climb walls, they are not very strong

Plush Baby

The first time they appear they give you the effect of slowness and blindness, 6 small stuffed animals come for you slowly, they are not very resistant


It is a fixed object that attacks whatever comes near including animatronics
Does a lot of damage


The mysterious Endoskeleton will blind everything that attacks to be able to catch you easily, it is not very fast but it is strong


Spawn Eggs

some photos in the game

You can have many things with the commands

/summon df:
/give @s df:

Showtime animatronics play 3 songs in 8 bits together with a showtime animation

the entities can be found in the part of Spawns Eggs, other blocks, items and other entities can be obtained through commands
Each animatronic has a different size, strength and speed, it has base animations, walking, running, casting, climbing and death


low-performance devices will not be able to run the add-on fluently

It is important that it be played in versions later than the official 1.16 and not old versions or Beta, for a better experience

the addon translates texts in English, Spanish and Portuguese, all sounds are official of the games

Sounds taken from FNaF SL, UCN, FNaF WH and FNaF AR

This addon was created by Dany Fox, you cannot publish this addon in other web pages, applications and third parties

If you want to review this addon on your YouTube channel you have full permission to do so, you can leave my name “Dany Fox” so that I can look it up and see it!.
you can use this addon on your maps and publish them with the addon, as long as you leave credits for the addon

Five Nights at Freddy´s SISTER LOCATION Trailer Add-on

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How to use

  1. Open the link, it will direct you to the "" website.
  2. Do not accept notifications or other ads that ask you, just reject them.
  3. Locate the Yellow button at the top right that counts from 5 to 1.
  4. Wait 5 seconds.
  5. Click on the yellow button.
  6. Close all the ads that appear next,
  7. wait a few moments and repeat this procedure 4 times, (it may take a few minutes).
  8. Click on the blue link at the end of the text to download the correct file

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4.82 / 5 (17 votes)
The add-on is PERFECT im also your fan :) but can i morph to other animatronics expect ennard?:/
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in the pizzeria simulator plss add funtime chica and security puppet and plss make fnaf ar
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U.n.d.e.r.r.a.t.e.d. This addon is FANTASTIC! Fnaf SL is litterally one of my fav games and this just took Minecraft to a whole other level! If not, its TOTTALLY fine, but could you maybe add the ability to become these characters? Kinda like a morph. I would love to be them--especially Lolbit, haha. Have a good day!
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Michael afton: eggs benetic

Btw nice addon dany fox!
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.Hi Danny I'm with Iain addone I made a map.
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Hi Danny I'm with Iain addone I made a map.
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I love this mod and you did a excellent job one thing is Funtime Freddy doesn’t dance in showtime for me and I can only get them to play like one song they don’t cycle through
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im like circus baby
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I can't get past the Behavior pack site.
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