Flare Addon

Add some firecrackers. Some firecrackers have special features that change the weather, change the time, and summon supplies. Most of the firecrackers will display a nice fireworks display. Try using different firecrackers for different situations.

recipes and explanation

Summon supply.

Box blocks falling from the sky contain some items.

Clear Firework make weather clean

Raining Firework make weather Rainy

Strom Fireworks changes weather 

Change time to noon

Change time to sunset

Change time to night

Change time to midnight

Change time to sunrise

Change time to daybreak





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You don't need to turn on any experiment options


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The addon is good, it is like an improvement towards the rockets. But what I do not like at all is that the texture of the rocket looks like this, the texture of the rockets of the Minecraft vanilla would be better
It's already very good 10/10
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