Published on November 02, 2021

Forge's Minecraft Murder Mysteries Map Pack

This is a Minecraft Murder Mystery Map Pack created in celebration of #Halloween2021, this consists of three maps that I built in 2016 and have been brought over to the Bedrock Edition from Minecraft Xbox 360 edition.

What's Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery can be played with 3 - 8 friends, one player is the Murderer while the remaining players become the innocent. The Murderer must try to kill all innocent as sneaky as possible while the innocent must survive to find out who the Murderer is!

What Maps are There?

Let's go over the three Maps you will be downloading in this map pack!

The first one is spooky barnyard which will take you to an abandoned farmyard where people come out and never come back, your job is to find out what happens to people that enter the spooky barnyard.

The second map is Peach's castle which will take you to an abandoned version of the Super Mario 64 castle. Princess Peach has been shot by Bowser with a fireball and hasn't been heard from since. some say Bowser wasn't responsible for the incident so find out who really was the mastermind!

The third and final map is Catacombs, a caretaker was visiting a grave but while visiting he fell into these old catacombs never to be heard from again. You must find out what happened to the caretaker of the graveyard and figure out who's responsible for the disappearance.

That's going to do it for all the three Maps, down below you will find a video showing off more of these Maps and same for the download! Feel free to let me know which one is your favorite!



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