In this map you can become a German or French and battle it out with your friends! You can do 1v1s, 2v2s, 3v3s, 4v4s, and 5v5s. Weapons and uniforms located in spawn.

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1.0: Fort Vaux has been released! It has two teams and a spawn area. Updates will happen.

1.1: First update! This update changes spawn locations for both sides and adds a new courtyard: the main courtyard. The new courtyard is bigger and not super cramped. Also, with the new spawn locations comes a layout change. Germany‘s spawn has access to a tunnel sticking out from the fort while France starts outside the (New/Main) courtyard. The second story has also been changed, being connected to the main courtyard. This update doesn’t change too much, just makes the map feel a bit bigger.  There is now a second path at the German spawn and a secret behind one of the signs. Also, there is a Steampunk GUI texture pack. And there are some other updates, like the renaming of the world itself. try crouching too

NOTE: Why is the first update labeled as UPD2 you ask? Well, it’s because I exported the first update before updating a bit more and turning it into a separate update.

NOTE 2: I accidentally left a part at the main courtyard open! Don’t use it to camp, it will MOST LIKELY be fixed in a later update. I’m too lazy to fix it, so just pretend it’s not there.



  • FORT_VAUX.mcworld (26.6 MB)

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Where I can find the world war 1 add-on?
try going to the searchbar (on mcpedl) and search ww1. that one with the british soldiers thumbnail is the mobs and weapons.