FURNICRAFT and Simple Comes Alive

This add-on adds more than 500 Furniture to the game, It also adds a simple Comes Alive. There is everything from kitchen utensils and bathroom equipment to things like a stove, shower products, and entertainment-related things like a pool table and gaming PC. It's a great addition if you want more options for decorating your home.

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Do not activate Furnicraft entity version and Furnicraft 3D Blocks in the same world as the addons are mixed and will not work correctly

>>>FURNICRAFT v20.x can now be used without the need for any extra addon<<<

Now all the decorations are 3d blocks

changes v20.2:

  • works in versions 1.20.x
  • may contain errors
  • Nothing new has been added but work is being done on revising the entire complement
  • etc...

important changes from previous version:

  • compatible with 1.20.x
  • now all npc blink
  • The durability of all rose gold tools is now correctly displayed
  • Rose gold armor durability is now displayed correctly
  • now when thunder hits content creator npc it will do something special
  • the stormbreaker was added (when you right click it will launch a lightning bolt)
  • added the rose gold hammer (when breaking a block the surrounding blocks will also break)
  • the rose gold tools work correctly depending on the type of tool
  • Now the blocks of rose gold ore can only be broken with an iron pick, gold, diamond, netherite, rose gold, if you try to break it with your hand or pick less than the ones mentioned above, it will not give you anything
  • added various cosplays based on five nights at freddy's
  • added virtual reality glasses
  • The 3d model of the recreational machines was changed
  • now the umbrella item works correctly and will make you fall slow
  • Now you can download the come alive system separately from the furniture
  • The anvil of comes alive was added (it is crafted with an anvil and one of furnicraft clay)
  • now everything related to rose gold and comes alive is available in the comes alive anvil
  • The comes alive anvil can be uncrafted and it will return a normal anvil
  • Now the stove and microwave can be opened and you can interact with their new menu
  • you can now go through the flags normally
  • added new animations to npc
  • the design of the cherry trees was changed
  • The smart horn was added (interactive in survival) (If there is an npc nearby when a song is played on the horn the npc will start dancing)
  • color tables added (16 colors)
  • Added Plates and Plates with Food (22 designs) (Crafted with a plate and any food in the game)
  • the pizza and hamburger is achieved in the microwave or on the stove
  • added pizza slice (edible) (heals drumsticks and hearts at the same time)
  • added the hamburger (edible) (heals drumsticks and hearts at the same time)
  • now you can feed npc with pizza and burgers
  • the error of blurry textures was eliminated
  • now you can change the volume of the addon sounds in the settings section (FURNICRAFT SOUNDS)
  • New Comes Alive system!!!!  (in the description you can find how it works now)
  • The item was added (Npc's Menu)
  • the interface of the NPCs was changed
  • npc now have more moves
  • padlock removed
  • normal barrels can now be placed on their side
  • the model of the stove was changed
  • now the foosball table model displays correctly in 3D
  • the model of the decorations table was changed
  • the texture of the screens was changed
  • the model of the TV cabinet was changed
  • the texture was changed to the supports with paintings
  • now the wall shower turns on and off with water particles
  • added raw rose gold block
  • graves were added again
  • coffins were added again
  • the grand piano was added again
  • some 3d models of various decorations were changed
  • added more cosplays (some animations are activated by shifting)
  • some decorations suffered a decrease in size
  • now the names of the items and blocks are displayed in a more pleasant way
  • now you can get the new realistic cactus in creative and survival (it is crafted with 1 normal cactus)
  • Added realistic cactus in deserts. (It is found in the section of sprouts and can be made to grow with bone powder)
  • you can now correctly get the decorations in survival
  • you can now remove the bark from cherry tree trunks
  • rose gold nugget added
  • rose gold coin added
  • The TV control was added (only with it you can turn the televisions on and off)
  • The cosplay umbrella was added (holding it in your hand and interacting will give you a slow fall effect)
  • Now you can interact with all the gifts and you will be able to open them and it will give you 1 random object (400 different objects)-(there is a small possibility that it will give you diamonds!!!)
  • now the guitar is a weapon and you can do damage with it
  • The trash can was added (you can open it and it will let you put things inside and once you close it the items you have put inside will be deleted)
  • fixed various bugs in comes alive
  • now multiple seats connect correctly
  • updated some furniture textures
  • many textures have been reduced in size
  • now you can fill the fountains using the buckets of water, lava and milk
  • compatible with more devices
  • etc...


Supported Minecraft versions

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All that works the man in the woman eggs that’s it. Furniture doesn’t work getting married doesn’t work because there’s no roles gold ingot.
Can't craft anything please fix this.
Link here
It is not possible to download, please fix the bug
yo I can't download it fix the bug faster please
Will this be getting fixed anytime soon?
I would definitely hope so. I need the addon for my roleplay series on YouTube.
My realms blocks are all messed up :(
welp the new update broke it
Yes, yes it did.
As I don't have Twitter, I say that the reduced/blurred textures bug still happens to me unfortunately and this makes the addon almost unplayable.

My Minecraft Version: 1.20.12
Addon version (furnicraft): que 20.1
Bro no spawnear los aldeanos de comesalive
Bruh can’t download it
Everything is pink.