Published on June 11, 2018 (Updated on June 27, 2022)


This add-on adds more than 500 Furniture to the game, It also adds a simple Comes Alive. There is everything from kitchen utensils and bathroom equipment to things like a stove, shower products, and entertainment-related things like a pool table and gaming PC. It's a great addition if you want more options for decorating your home.

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Fixed various incompatibility bugs

To be able to occupy it in 1.18.12 and 1.19.x you need the following addon: Block-Geo Fixer.-addon

Bugs with fences, refrigerator, Christmas trees and fountains are being checked (will be fixed ASAP)


  • 1-Now all the decorations are 3d blocks
  • 2-compatible with 1.19 and betas
  • 3-now rose gold can be found in layers less than 0 (also in those greater than 0)
  • 4-added the rose gold trophy
  • 5-the copper trophy was added
  • 6- added 2 swings for trees
  • 7- an anti monster totem was added (when interacting with it the monsters around it will disappear)
  • 8-6 country flags were added (all will be added in the future)
  • 9- added cherry tree (16 colors)
  • 10- Added colored cherry woods (16 colors)
  • 11- added colored cherry blossoms (16 colors)
  • 12- added armrests for armchairs
  • 13-now the chairs connect
  • 14-changes were made in the umbrellas
  • 15-now the cosplays can be crafted in survival (and more will be added)
  • 16-now the addon is translated into English and Spanish (thanks to Marcogamer for the help)
  • 17-now the tables connect and you can make tables of different sizes
  • 18-new comes alive system
  • 19-for now you can only get the decorations in the new decorations table
  • 20 - added all decorations to the creative menu
  • 21-some textures of some furniture were updated
  • 22-Fixed various bugs
  • 23-compatible with more devices
  • 24-there may be some bugs (remember it's in beta)
  • 25-etc...



Supported Minecraft versions

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Excellent Addon
- Works on 1.19 (June 2022)
- Works on Realms (with Block-Geo Fixer 1.19 // with VanillaRTX // without Texture Pack)
Looks good, keep it up!
Discord: shice#7151
it crashes on my device fix nowwwwww or baboone
I have a problem. I can't get any of the furniture because when i make the furnicraft bench it says I've made unknown, and the unknown block says update on it, so I presume that means I have to update the texture pack or behavior pack, but is says its all good and up to date. or the problem could be that I'm using Education Edition. But still, please help and give me a solution.
IMWillhelpyoutosentinmediafire June 27, 2022 at 3:06 am
Its because you need to activate geoblock fixer to work
most likely education edition or (if they appear on the world create screen) make sure you have all experimental toggles on, sorry that you cant use this mod :(
The Furnicraft npc is annoying
It is not possible to play it in a world that closes
Minecraft crashes instantly with this add-on...
I've asked before, but English translation please.
Hello, I am a translator. Can I translate your add-on? I promise not to use it for commercial purposes.
I'd love to use this addon, but everytime I try to start the world, my game crashes...
Are some of the features stolen?
It looks really cool but I can’t get it even though it’s compatible with my version of Minecraft. I find this really annoying.
dude it doesnt even work i tryed 6 times and not working pls fix ;-;
I loved this addon and used it for a bit but after reading the other comments and finding out some of the assets are stolen I was disgusted. Not only that but the addon doesn’t even work for me anymore! My game crashes every time I try to create a new world with the addon on it so I’ve decided to delete it and leave a review.