This add-on adds more than 500 Furniture to the game, It also adds a simple Comes Alive. There is everything from kitchen utensils and bathroom equipment to things like a stove, shower products, and entertainment-related things like a pool table and gaming PC. It's a great addition if you want more options for decorating your home.

Creator: ROBERTGAMER69, Twitter , YouTube, PATREON

How does it work?

All the furniture are solid 3d blocks, this means you can easily rotate the furniture in any direction you want. Some furniture, like chairs and sofas, also has some functionality in that regard so that you can sit on them. Currently, all furniture can be crafted in the new Furnicraft Bench.









Here is a small list of the furniture included with this add-on.

-Trampoline for the pool
-Christmas tree
-PC Gamer
-Park bench
-Water source
-Satanic ritual
-Pool table
-Soccer table
-Big bubble gum machine
-Little bubble gum machine
-Amusement machines
-Watering can
-Shelving and furniture
-Beach chairs
-Customizable Armchairs
-Gamer Chairs
-Customizable Tables
-TV furniture






How to get them?

First you will have to obtain the clay for furniture, its elaboration is the following:


When you have furniture clay, you will have to go to the furniture bench
Here is an example of how the furniture is obtained in the furniture bench


and with that done you can get all the furniture in survival


How to have a wife and children?


First you will have to look for your future wife and trade with her until you have the option of having a child
NPCs are found in the villages

Here is an example of how the NPC inventory looks





How to get the ring?

You will have to crawl with the Rose Gold ore that can be found in mines or caves throughout the world.
its probability of appearing is average
but if you go to a village below them you can find a lot of rose gold ore.

Here is an example of how the ring is crafted




How do I believe my baby?

You will have to put your child in the crib and give him 1 diamond to become a child
(this can take approximately 5 minutes)

when your child is out of the cradle you must feed him with any of the following foods to make him grow
(cake, apple, sugar, golden apple)

Here is an example of how NPCs look



how to get the tools?


you can crackle them with the rose gold ore that you find in mines and below the villages
The Rose Gold apple and the Enchanted Rose Gold Apple were also added

Here is an example of how they crafting


This plugin works fine in 1.17.x, it may be that in versions prior to 1.16 it has bugsthere is also the version where all the furniture are entities instead of solid blocksyou can download the one that suits you best(eye the version of entities is outdated compared to the 3d blocks)


Remember that now you can continue subscribing me in the green button above that says [SUBSCRIBE] so you will get a notification every time the addon is updated



And also remember if the addon does not work for you, try installing the addon every time it is updated, maybe an update will work well for you.



you can find more information on my website: link to my website




If you are going to review it on your YouTube channel, leave the link on this page or on my official website. And without shorteners.
So you avoid being removed from the video or receive strikes on your channel

Thank you!





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Select version for changelog:


now you can subscribe to my PATREON to support my content and you get benefits such as direct downloads to my addons

Fixed various incompatibility bugs

1-Now all decorations are 3d blocks
2-compatible with 1.17 and betas
3-for now you can only get the decorations on the new decorations table
4-you can interact with him the little machines acarde (they contain sound)
5-all decorations were added to the creative menu
6-Added colored doors (16 colors)
7-Added colored hatches (16 colors)
8-Some fences of different materials were added (quartz, stone brick, stone, bricks)
9-now you can sit with all the chairs and armchairs etc.
10-the 3d models of the lamps were changed
11-compatible with more devices
12-there may be some errors (remember that it is in beta)
13-etc ...


  1. Download Resources .McPack
  2. Download Behaviors .McPack
  3. Apply the packs for a world
  4. Enable "Experimental Gameplay" in the world settings
  5. Create the world


Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

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3.09 / 5 (713 votes)
Really good, but minecraft crashes when using the furniture crafting table
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No quiero ofender a nadie, pero creo que tu add-on es un poco difícil de entender en inglés. Si te interesa, puedo ayudarte a traducirlo al inglés. Gratis :)
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Recuerda que puedes traducir automáticamente cualquier idioma con tu navegador
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Master of the Plushies January 11, 2022 at 10:08 pm
Can You make an English version of this mod because not everyone speaks Spanish? still a good mod.
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can you make a downlod on midafire of adfly or linkvers pleas
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ooop nvm im stupid but good mod thogh just laggy and all in spanis
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Add a new pets ,and update the textures 😤😡😠
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you don't add anything new -_- shame.
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i mean after you update it 6 times with the same changelog...
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Uhh… This has me a little confused.
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May i use this for my scp 3008 map? ill credit you
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Dude the addon is so laggy I cant play it properly so I have to use loled furniture?
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I'm replying to this because the comment box isn't showing.

Anyway, this looks like a nice mod and I appreciate what you've done, but the links are unsafe and dangerous and when I load it all the textures in the world (not just the mod) are 8bit and the game lags, even when the mod is on its own with no other packs added. Also everything is Spanish.

Fix this to get 4 stars.
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ꑛꍟ꒓ꆂꃃ꒓ꂑꁹꍟ January 11, 2022 at 3:18 pm
Loled is way better
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Falta actualizacion de optimizacion ya que me genera mucho lag cuando activo el mod.
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the addon is in Spanish
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Yup! Finally, a good addon in spanish :D
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Hello creator the reason why I rated u 3 star because it is not great it is not even 500 furnitures in this new version. The other version is better because even tho it is from grindstone only, you can get all of the furnitures but in this new update it is so low not even 300 furnitures even in creative mode pls fix it
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resource pack
behavior pack
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our savior
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Eres como dios, tan bondadoso.
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wait i was just wondering do yall use a mobile device to get past adfly? i use a laptop for other adfly links and i just need to click on "skip ads" to get the download link w/o malware. im not sure about this one tho
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i play on windows 10 edition and i have a browser extension that lets me bypass adfly and linkvertise. extremely effective, works every time
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