Published on April 02, 2024 (Updated on April 10, 2024)

Guess The Door Trivia Part 1

This is my first map on MCPEDL! Hope you enjoy it! :D This map has 5 levels, and it’s a trivia-style game. I spent several hours creating it and would love for other people to be able to enjoy it! :D It’s also got a bit of dialogue, between you, (known in the map as “You” early on and then becoming “Player“) and a robot called GAME. (GAME is short for Guiding Assistant Machine Entity) 


This map was created using Minecraft: Education Edition and so therefore, it is Education Edition-user-friendly and won’t come up with an error message saying “A newer version of the game has saved this level.” for Education Edition users UNLESS you haven’t updated Minecraft: Education Edition to the latest available version. 

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  • fixed a redstone/command block problem at the start
  • filled in holes where blocks should have been
  • patched command bugs giving player creative at the start


  • fixed another command-based bug that was preventing players from playing the game



  • lbGuessc_The_aDoors_Pt.1.mcworld (94.36 KB)

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