Published on January 26, 2023 (Updated on January 25, 2023)

Gulliver's World Resort [Recreation] [ThemePark]

Minecraft's EVER 1st 1:1 Gulliver's World Resort. Down to every last detail, block by block, Dart Studios has taken a lot of love and care into the inticracy of the park.

A Minecraft Theme Park that has plenty of rides and coasters. Even Dinosaurs 🐱‍🐉!

Are you ready?

Created by us, Dart Studios :D

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So like, you're most recent one has been marked as copyrighted. And it says they cannot be distributed by using MediaFire.
I'd like to explore the map, but apparently we're not allowed to even download 2023
Wow, what a nice map! If I can move it to a Chinese website ? Because many players in China can't download it here. And of course I will mark the original author. I would appreciate it if you allow me to do so.(≧ω≦)
Wow. Claiming false accusations is what a shitty person would do. I had no issues downloading mcpack. It has you download a zip file for the linkvertise which shows 2 offers which are to be declined and then after that it'll send you to the mediafire link to download the mcpack. So you and others claims of it being a trojan virus are debunked.