Published on October 30, 2022 (Updated on October 29, 2022)

Halloween Mash-up Patch

The Halloween Mash-up resource pack is nice, but it's missing many features from its Legacy Console Edition counterpart. This patch restores the missing features on Bedrock Edition and adds the option of using the original Halloween 2013 Texture Pack, which has a few minor differences detailed below. The patch also makes the Halloween Mash-up fully compatible with Java and Console Aspects and adds the Halloween songs to compatible music player packs.

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Anniversary Update (2.0.0)

  • The sky is now orange
    • Due to this addition, the sun, moon, and stars are no longer visible. The sky also does not change at night. You can disable the new sky by selecting a "Normal Sky" pack option.
  • Added a Halloween 2013 pack option
    • This option restores the pack to its 2013 version
    • This option does not have varied stained glass, transparent doors, or updated wool
    • Extra animations, like cactuses and dandelions, do not occur with this option
    • Menus use a darker, purple-green style
    • Paintings feature a variety of Halloween creatures
    • Halloween music does not play
  • Clouds are now Halloween-shaped
  • Fog is now thicker
  • Underwater fog is now farther away
  • Piston arms are now textured
  • Seagrass and the respawn anchor no longer fade between animation frames
  • Halloween 2015: Nether stems and sculk blocks now blink more naturally
  • Halloween 2015: Halloween music now plays in 1.18 and 1.19 biomes
  • Halloween 2015: Item name background is now sized correctly
  • Added creative inventory tab labels from Console Edition
  • Added main menu panorama textures for Console Aspects and 4JD UI compatibility
  • Added mud brick wall icon for Java Aspects compatibility
  • The crosshair is now solidMinecoins are now pumpkin-themed
  • The New Offer and Achievements icons now match the Halloween theme
  • Removed skeletal pig changes as Bedrock Edition changed to match Console Edition


  • Added unused lightmap textures for the Halloween 2015 subpack
    • On Console Edition, block light was tinted green. These lightmaps use the OptiFine/Colormatic format and match Console Edition.
  • Changed the pack icon to represent the Halloween 2013 mode as well
  • Changed pack UUID to be compatible with earlier versions of this pack
  • Updated pack version to 2.0.0



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The jukebox puzzle is impossible when it's confusing and you have 50 husks after you. Everything in this map is a pain because you have no weapons.
map? 50 husks? are you sure you commented this on the right page?
Clearly they aren't, as the jukebox puzzle is on the map for the Halloween Mash-up Pack. This is a texture patch for the pack, not the actual pack