Harold's Retro Arcade (Big Update!)

Welcome to Harold's Arcade. Harold's Arcade is a minigame map composed of 25 full minigames to either play with or without friends. Along with the awesome retro theme, Harold's Arcade holds a variety of minigames for anyone who wants to play. There is PVP, classic minigames, horror, lucky games and much more. This map is multiplayer friendly and solo friendly! Play today :)

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  • Finally fixed download link!
  • Some music has been removed. Apologies.
  • @p changed to @a.


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Hey, I think the mediafire download link got taken down again
also when I was going to download through mcpedl I saw that the map is 400mb.. why's that?
It is literally just because the map is massive! Theres also a large texture pack.
Love the map but went to download it again and link is now broke :( !
Hi there! I'm sorry about that. The map should be updated and fixed by next week! Sorry for the problems, copyright is so annoying!