Hello Neighbor 2 (Multiplayer Game)

Hello, you know the game hello neighbor and if you wanted to play it with your friends in mnecraft, this map is for you. The map is intended for multiplayer. It also has a special texture pack and functions (functional bear trap, cameras).The map contains a mod for invisible players nametags. and specials new sounds (lobby,act1,hello neighbor 2 from original game


functional camera



the map also contains over-textured armors (so you don’t have to download your own)

crowman texture in hello neighbor 2 is my own texture!(do not copy)

The map contain shop for potion and throwing glue. . .

hello neighbor 2

new special  climbing on chains

in this map neighbor have quest:Collect wood and don’t let the fire go out

future updates: 

  1. a map will be added: ACT2,ACT3, Final ACT,and maybe more
  2. (I want do all hello neighbor maps in minecraft)
  3. a neighbor as an entity will also be added

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adden hello neighbor 2 map ,improve shop and adden new sounds


Supported Minecraft versions


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5 Responses

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  1. Bonnie126 says:

    The hello neighbor 2 link doesn’t work

  2. unclejeff123 says:

    The textures don’t work. Can you provide a separate link maybe?

  3. Raheemo says:

    is the neighbor an entity or is a player chosen for it?

  4. Razt says:

    cool . . .
    please the neighbor is mob not players

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