Published on December 31, 2023 (Updated on May 28, 2024)


  • Horn+ - this is an addon that adds different types of horns to the game that have their own unique melodies. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that each type of horn has 10 of its own melodies, which are played from one horn, unlike Vanilla horns, which have a lot of types of horns for a certain melody.
  • My Discord server [link]
  • If you have any questions, you can write to me in Discord(maxis_shellgryphon)



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  • Added animation for horns (third-person video)
  • Now the sound is distributed over 256 blocks
  • The addon now supports the latest versions

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Hey, I do know this addon is MIT licensed but i still wanted to ask! May I use this and your clover addon in a modpack i'm working on?
I will credit you and not make any money off it ofc :)
Hi, of course you can. I'm even glad about this
Then please send me a link to your pack on discord. I just want to play with him later