Lucky Clover

Lucky Clover - this mod adds a clover to the game, which will give you luck in fishing, or rather causes itDeveloped by Maxis-ShellgryphonIf you have any questions, you can write to me in Discord. My Discord is Maxis#6764. And when you write to me, please write to me in Russian

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  • Added Spanish
  • Added support for version 1.20.12
  • Added MIT license
  • Fixed link for download fashion

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Chasechasechase-333 May 02, 2024 at 11:30 pm
Is this compatible in 1.20+??
do you need some other mods to work? it told me in game its missing tendecies
Hello, there is no need to download anything extra for this mod to work. Write to me in Discord so that I can help you with solving the problem
Wait how did you manage to come up with the exact same idea as me, just as I was developing my own *mining* luck addon? If I ever complete it, we could try and collaborate to have both kinds of luck in one addon! Just saying...
uhh I think you gave the wrong download link lol
If you use the mcpedl download it gives the right one
Hello, and really the link is not correct, sorry it's my mistake. Expect an update of this mod within a week