Illager Survival Add-on

Looking at the Illagers and Zombies working together never made much sense, especially when comparing the similarities between a Villager and an Illager. This idea for the Pillage and Village update makes it so that Zombies, Husks, and Drowned attack Illagers.

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Updated the addon to work with 1.16, and fixed the download link.


  • Illager Survival.mcaddon
  • Illager Survival.mcpack

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I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who thinks Illagers should be afraid of zombies as much as the Illagers they are still living mobs after all
Hey, after 3-6 month i finding this addon because i forgot what the name of this addon so i search "illager vs zombie" but the result just show me plant vs zombie, i have seen mcpedl post about this addon on instagram that a long time ago, and finally i found this addon after i give up to search addon name, nice addon by the way
Can you add the Zombified Piglin to this addon?
Zombie villagers need to strengthen
I think there is a bug with raids, it says all the villagers are dead {or most of them) and starts the next wave, even when the previous wave is still alive.
They are in villager raids. They are villagers by association.
But illagers are way stronger than zombies
It does not work on retail release 1.11.0 on april 23.
Soes not work on the 1.11.0 release on April 23rd
How do witches kill zombies?! Zombies are immune to poision damage, and heal from instant damage potions, basically a zombie is immune to the witches forms of attack
witches are not illagers.
This should be fixed.
they are in raids, and they have similarities to villagers, so it doesn't make sense not to have them fight zombies.