Infinite Parkour

Welcome to one of the world’s first parkour courses with an infinite number of levels! There are over 4.297677E+33 unique level combinations that you can experience. Whether you just want to practice parkour or race against your friends, this map is great!

— Difficulty

This map has no set difficulty, so some levels may be very hard and others very easy. If you come across a very hard level, just use the skip button in your inventory (see the in-game tutorial for more information)!


— Types of jumps

This map includes all of the following jumps which are generated randomly.

  • Normal Jumps
  • Wall Jumps
  • Stair Jumps
  • Trapdoor Jumps
  • Head-hitter Jumps
  • Head-hitter Jumps With Slabs
  • Ice Jumps
  • Slime Jumps


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Join the official discord server here!


— Created by:

Chrome Villager

Select version for changelog:

  • Added slime jumps
  • Added trapdoor jumps
  • Changed the spawn rates of all jump types
  • Fixed teleportation bugs
  • Added an easter egg for you to find!


To install the world, just download the .mcworld file and open it with Minecraft.


Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

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Bro no me sirve este mapa me sale que no es compatible co. La versión que tengo y yo tengo la 1.17._.
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Try to update to the newest version, that should solve any issues :)
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Can i play this with my friends?
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Really cool! Don't see enough random generation releated projects on mcpedl...
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