Infinity Advanced Parkour (UPDATE)

Welcome to a parkour map that will test your skills while looking awesome at the same time. This map features lots of different styles of jumps including slime block, honey block, minecart, boat and standard block jumps. This makes this map dynamic and very fun to play compared to other boring parkour maps. This map is multiplayer friendly with no player limit whatsoever. It also features an epic spawn with a cool start to the map. Download today!

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  • Updated strange visual issue.
  • Updated download link.
  • Fixed music issue.


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its an VERY difficult map (that i cant complete)
but the ending 2 rows (the boat and higher)
is so unfair and there isnt really a good indecator and the boat is nearly impossible and if you make it there is a button that looks like a checkpoint that kills you and resets youre hole progress and the end is nearly impossible to find
hey my dude i love your maps i made made a video about your map. keep up a good work. you want to see it go to my videos my channel Total K Oss8 YT. this will tell your math is fun to play with