Iron War Axe

Hello and welcome to my addons! This is my first ever addon and post! I made this addon from the addon maker for Minecraft. Yes, I made this because I'm inspired by iron war axe in Islands, a game from Roblox

This is Iron War Axe

How to make it? it's simple you just need this:

Ok, but how to make steel? Or how to make that steel rod?

This is how to make steel, the crafting is shapeless:


and this is how to make steel rod:

and more information: 

  • the iron war axe damage is 10
  • the durability is 512 uses

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credits to :

durability viewer, from LukasPAH

clear vanilla, from Tal Melamed

RGB XP bar, from CrisXolt 

To see the updated version, click this link

Select version for changelog:


added Iron war axe, steel rod, and steel ingot, just that


  • Iron_War_Axe_addon_1635049636721.mcaddon (74.1 KB)

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