Published on July 30, 2023 (Updated on January 17, 2024)

Jump Man in Minecraft! BETA V2 (added Goombas and Coins!) 1.20.30

Disclaimer: this world is in beta, you will most likely find bugs, especially when lagging. 

I'm making Mario in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, and it is now ready for Beta!

Basically, this map is striving to be a 1 to 1 recreation of 1 - 1 from the original Mario, but in Minecraft. 

What's new in this update?


Added Goombas.

Added Coins (no coin counter yet).

Added interactive '?' blocks.


Made '?' blocks have an animated texture.

Fixed a bug where you could go outside the map.

Changed the visuals to 2.5D instead of 2D so i can make things for the map easier.




This map supports up to 2 players.

Background blocks will not show up if you have Smooth Lighting on.

For a better experience, use an FOV of 90

You can choose player 1 or player 2. If you don't choose and someone else starts the game, you will get put in spectator.

You can start as Big mode by changing 'Start Big' to 'ON'. 

Note Block Cover by NoteBlockMatt 


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Updated the download link to use instead of Linkvertise.


Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

There is a small problem. The music is copyrighted.
The only other issue I have is that it is a really short map, but it works so well!
I recorded it and may have it uploaded in a week or so!
Thanks for making a video on this!
Also, the 5 videos I made with the music in it didn't get copyrighted, so you should be fine I think.
I can't hit question mark block and there are no goomas, no koopas, no power-ups and no coins to collect. This makes it empty. I know you don't want Nintendo to take this down but seriously.
there are goombas and coins now, also it's pretty hard to code this stuff in man ;(
coins meaning you can hit the '?' blocks and there are coins in the underground section
can yo do multiplayer with this
i saw this on reddit, do you remember me