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Jurassic Addon Public Beta

Over 60 million years ago, great creatures walked the planet now extinct. From towering giants with long necks to tyrants with bone crushing bites. Now you can bring them back.

Here are some basic things to know before downloading this Addon.

Fossil Ore:

This is a new ore that generates in every [Y] coordinate in every biome, but most common in [Y] level 50 and bellow. This is the first step into creating dino's by collecting fossils.

So far, here's the fossils: Dilophosaurus teeth and fossils, Stegosaurus fossils and thagomizers, Dodo fossils, Unknown fossils, Velociraptor teeth, fossils and claws, Pteranodon fossils, Triceratops fossils and horns, Smilodon fossils and fossil sabre teeth, Spinosaurus fossils and teeth, Coelacanth fossils, and fossil Nautilus shells.


This new ore will allow you to collect DNA from more recently dead creatures. You can get Dodo bones and frozen Dodo, and Smilodon bones and sabre teeth.


To start making your dinos, you will need three blocks to create them.

The Sifter will sort out gravel, Unknown fossils, and dirt to try and get you useful stuff out of them. It might not always work though. You can craft it with a crafting table, light grey carpet and a Unknown fossil.

Next, you need to craft some syringes and storage disks.

Then, to get the DNA out of the Fossil, you'll need to make a Extractor. You can make it with seven smooth stones, a piece of redstone, and a syringe.

Once you made the Extractor, you need to extract the DNA into a Storage Disk, and level it up until you take out the DNA and put it in a syringe.

Finally, to make the eggs, you need to craft a Cultivator. You can make a Cultivator with 6 smooth stone and a glass in the middle.

Lastly, take the DNA and combine it it with a chicken egg. That's how you get the dino egg! Place it down, and in a little while, the egg will hatch! For mammals put the DNA in the Cultivator, then inject a pig or cow with the Embryo and wait!


Right now there are seven custom weapons. Here they are:

The ToothSpear has 6 attack damage with 200 durability. It can be crafted with two sticks and a carnivore tooth.

The Fossil ToothSpear has a little bit less damage but more durability. 6 attack and 500 durability. It can be crafted with two sticks and a fossil carnivore tooth.

The frozen Dodo meat is not that good of a weapon but has high durability. You can find it in Permafrost. You can also melt it in a furnace to get raw Dodo meat.

The Thagomizer Sword and the Fossil Thagomizer Sword are similar in durability compared to the ToothSpears. The Thagomizer Sword has 10 attack damage, and the Fossil Thagomizer Sword has 8 attack damage.

The Sickle Swords are also similar to the ToothSpears when compared to durability. The normal Sickle Sword has five attack damage and the Fossil Sickle Sword has four attack damage.

Horn Sword:

The Horn Sword is one of the strongest weapons in the addon, only being behind the Thagomizer Swords. The normal Horn Sword has 8 attack damage and 200 durability, but the Fossil Horn Sword has 7 attack damage and 500 durability.

Sabre Swords:

The Sabre Sword does 5 attack damage with 200 durability and the Fossil Sabre Sword does 4 attack damage with 500 durability.


Right now as of this update, there is two armors. That being the Bone Armor and the Wing Suit. The Bone Armor has protection points similar to the iron armor and 200 durability. The Wing Suit has 1 protection point and 200 durability. It can help you glide far distances with the Pteranodon Orb. You can craft the helmet with a carnivore skull, you can craft the Chestplate with two bones and six dinosaur ribs, you can craft the leggings with four dinosaur legs and a bone, and lastly, you can craft the boots with two stegosaurus feet or two velociraptor claws. It a cool looking armor.


Dino legs:

Dino ribs:

Stegosaurus Feet:

Volcanic Bricks:

Cracked Volcanic Bricks:

Smooth Volcanic Rock:

Chiseled Volcanic Rock:

Bamboo blocks:

Dried Bamboo:

Electric and Metal Fences:

Paddock Signs:

You can use any type of fossil.


Here is the Volcanic set of blocks. They can be used for your builds!

Bamboo Blocks:

Here is the Bamboo Block Sets

Electric and Metal Fences:

Electric Fences can stun anything that walks on it!

Tar Block:

Generates at [Y] 50 and above.


Generates in every land biome except for the snowy, and desert.

Paddock Signs:


Volcanic Lands: 

This biome generates in warm to hot climates, and are the source of the Volcanic Blocks. However, getting resources here are dangerous, so be careful!



This carnivore has 9 attack damage with the speed of a wolf. About 2 blocks tall and 6 blocks in length. 

They can be bred with cooked meat, (except for fish), sleep at night, and tamed and controlled with a bone.


These are peaceful mobs that spawn in the deep ocean. They are a good food source for your aquatic creatures and can be inside your aquarium. They drop nautilus which you can cook, and their shells.

Dodo Bird:

The first Cenozoic creature, this cute, peaceful bird will make a fine addition to your park. Like chickens, they can be bred with seeds and are leashable. They are untameable though.


This tank has 50 health and 20 attack damage. It won't attack anything unless it's provoked. It can be tamed and controlled with a stick, sleep at night, and bred with honey bottles or sugar.


This is a swift, small carnivore that will terrorize their prey. The smallest thing they'll eat is rabbits and the biggest thing they will eat is pigs. Like the Dilophosaurus, it can be tamed and controlled with a bone, or hatching out of a egg, sleep in the day, and can be bred with meat. They have about the same stats as a wolf.


These big fish spawn in the deep ocean and a great aquarium attraction. Like all fish, they drop themselves when killed but don't eat them! You will get sick.


These neural creatures fly up to 50 blocks high and go wherever they want. They can be tamed and controlled with nautilus shells, sleep at night, and you can feed them fish. Make sure to build a roof to keep your Pteranodons safe!


This large dinosaur will be nice to you, as long as you don't attack it. The triceratops can be tamed and controlled with a stick, bred with apples, and sleep at night.


These creatures will attack almost anything that can be a decent meal. If spawned in a snowy environment, it will be white. They are diurnal and can be tamed and controlled with a bone.


These are giant semiaquatic dinosaurs that travels long distances, and love fish. They are diurnal, and can be tamed and controlled with a with a bone.

That's all for the Addon right now, soon more creatures and bug fixes will be released so you can have a better time making dinos.

Select version for changelog:

  • Added Spinosaurus
  • New food
  • All creatures have sounds
  • All creatures have fossils
  • Sifter is now a block
  • New paddock signs
  • Improved Volcanic Biome
  • Improved ore generations
  • Eudicots and tar generates


  • This addon is property of Dilophosaurus Studios ©
  • Only change code for personal use.
  • Don't copy this Addon and claim it as your own.
  • Don't make your own download link, use the one on this site.
  • You can use this in your videos, but please give us credit.
  • Make sure to turn on experimental gameplay

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4.48 / 5 (31 votes)
hey so i am trying to play the Jurassic Addon Public but the cultivator and extractor blocks are not showing up on mobile is it suppose to or is it for PC+?
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Eu amo o addon e tenho algumas ideias pra ele, bom não sei se o sifter Foi retirado do addon mas não consigo construir ele e eu acho que o bloco de fóssil podia ser blocos de fósseis cada fóssil de dinossauro ter seu o seu bloco e o bloco dropasse ai agente usasse o sifter para limpar o fóssil (transformar o bloco no item fóssil), e em alguns mundos quando o bioma de vulcão aparece os minerios aparecem em gerações q parece parte do chão q subiu pra cima do nada e só aparecem lá, acho q o espinossauro deveria ser maior e eu gostaria muito de um brachiossauro por favor adicionem ele
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The majestic crocoduck has been added yes
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I love this addon so far! I do wonder though when you will be planning on adding more dinosaurs? It is a super cool addon. 10/10.
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Lo descargué e instalé y no encontré los ores para obtener los fósiles, ni los fósiles en el inventario, los dinosaurios si funcionaban perfectamente, pero los spawne con el creativo. Es una buena BETA, falta bastante por pulirse. AÚN NO SE PUEDE JUGAR EN SUPERVIVENCIA
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Somehow we made the fossil ore really rare. Will be fixed soon.
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Bro do you need any help in creating mod texture and animation . I make very amazing mods but I don't know what to do after that
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Wow great addon seems like bedrock addons soon will overtake Java mods
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Nice addon can you add t rex next update
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The new update is nice but now I can't tame dinos when they hatch from an egg.
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I have found a few bugs myself like Dino dna 🧬 crafting mix ups and not being able to tame.
Ps. When you make the metal fence and it only gives you one is harsh I’m ok with the one metal fence plus four red stone makes one but the iron needed ugh. Pss. Plz make blocks drop themselves after breaking!
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Do the flowers and mobs generate naturally or do you have to get them only from fossils. I would prefer it if you had to get them from only fossils. This addon is awesome and I would like more prehistoric plants that you get from plant fossils. Also, marine animals like tylosaurus or other animals that aren't dinosaurs like titanoboa, mourasuchus, and megalodon. I am not criticizing I am just making suggestions that I would LOVE to see in this addon.
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Eudicots are technically living fossils. There will be some plants you have to create. The nautilus and coelacanths are the only mobs that naturally spawn in this addon.
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honest to god it's great to see a dinosaur addon that actually works well with vanilla survival, doesn't give the dinosaurs 80 billion health, actually adds weapons and armor, and makes you craft dinosaurs vs making them spawn like normal animals unlike most of the dinosaur addons on this platform. i've been on the server watching development process and it's been cool so far. only issues are crafting is buggy and i was able to craft a trike spawn egg with an iron block (???) which doesn't make sense, and i got the wing suit effects when i joined the world.
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Can you add a dinosaur leather armor that is based on Aussie hunter clothing? Like the ones with a hat and vest. Maybe mke some dinosaurs mountable next update?
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Hello, the addon looks good, but let's accept that the limitations of these ones do not allow the modifications we have in mind to take to the maximum, but if you want to make a project as large as this mod could be, I recommend that you do it in Horizon Kernel Modding, there you can do it literally like on PC, you can create a specific interface for each machine, in short it is a very squeezable modding environment, in a few words you can create PC mods in Bedrock.
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doesnt work in version 1.16.200
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