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Over 60 million years ago, great creatures walked the planet now extinct. From towering giants with long necks to tyrants with bone crushing bites. Now you can bring them back.

Here’s some basic things to know before downloading this Addon.

Fossil Ore:

This is a new ore that generates in every [Y] coordinate in every biome. This is the first step into creating dino’s by collecting fossils.

So far, here’s the fossils: Dilophosaurus teeth and fossils, Stegosaurus fossils and thagomizers, and Dodo fossils. 


Next, you will need to get DNA from the fossil. First, destroy the fossil.

Next, you need to craft some syringes and storage disks.

Then, you need to take the blood out of the broken fossil.

Once you’ve got the blood, you need to level up the storage disks with each syringe.

After that, take a EMPTY syringe and take out the DNA.

Finally, take the DNA and craft it with a chicken egg. That’s how you get the dino egg! Place it down, and in a little while, the egg will hatch!


Right now there are five custom weapons. Here they are:

The ToothSpear has 6 attack damage with 200 durability. It can be crafted with two sticks and a carnivore tooth.

The Fossil ToothSpear has a little bit less damage but more durability. 6 attack and 500 durability. It can be crafted with two sticks and a fossil carnivore tooth.

The frozen Dodo meat is not that good of a weapon but has high durability. You can find it in Permafrost. You can also melt it in a furnace to get raw Dodo meat.

The Thagomizer Sword and the Fossil Thagomizer Sword are similar in durability compared to the ToothSpears. The Thagomizer Sword has 10 attack damage, and the Fossil Thagomizer Sword has a attack damage.



This carnivore has 9 attack damage with the speed of a wolf. About 2 blocks tall and 6 blocks in length. 

They can be breeded with cooked meat, (except for fish) and tamed with a bone.


These are peaceful mobs that spawn in the cold ocean. They are a good food source for your aquatic creatures and can be inside your aquarium.

Dodo Bird:

The first Cenozoic creature, this cute, peaceful bird will make a fine addition to your park. Like chickens, they can be tamed with seeds and are leashable. They are untameable though.


This tank has 50 health and 20 attack damage. It won’t attack anything unless it’s provoked. It can be tamed with seeds, and bred with honey bottles or sugar.

That’s all for the Addon right now, soon more creatures and bug fixes will be released so you can have a better time making dinos.

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Changelog View more

Fixed Dodo texture glitch

New fossils, weapons and food.

Updated textures.

Added stegosaurus.

Permafrost spawns.

Fossils have smaller veins.

Added Dodo

Fixed Nautilus

Changed Fossil Ore texture

Mining Improvements

New fossils, DNA, and Food

  • Fixed Dilophosaurus Collision Box
  • Added Baby Dilophosaurus
  • Dilophosaurus is now neutral to the player
  • Dilophosaurus is now breedable
  • Added Dilophosaurus Egg
  • Added Nautilus


  • Only change code for personal use.
  • Don't copy this Addon and claim it as your own.
  • Don't make your own download link, use the one on this site.
  • You can use this in your videos, but please give us credit.
  • Make sure to turn on experimental gameplay


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  1. DarkusAnima says:

    Like this addon for the fossils whitch few addons lack when making dino addons and just have them spawn

  2. The great Q says:

    why is the Stegosaurus so small

  3. Emeto says:

    Continue your tez make a perfect job (dış prehistorik plants planned)

  4. You should even add prehistoric plants! I think that would be cool.

  5. kacc says:

    Just keep updating this mod and can you add in next update the indominus rex please and im going to share it futher

  6. Davianortis says:

    Will there be Hybrids in this addon like stegoceratops and spinoraptor?

  7. MHA_FANBOY2007 says:

    my favorite java mod is fossils and archeology and i see so much of that mods potential in this so IT BETTER BE GREAT OR ILL KILL YA

  8. fantastic! but could you try to add more dinosaurs or quicker updates, because i’m waiting to download it when there’s 10 mobs.

  9. KH2890Gaming says:

    How can I join I just want to help make cool add-on photos can I help? 😃
    And I like the add-on!!!!

  10. Emeto says:

    Yolu make a great mod but you can make animations more good

  11. Jurassic crafter says:

    So you guys want to make a fossil and archeology mod portrayed for mcpe?

  12. Emeto says:

    You are doing very well but animations need to be improved a bit more

  13. Bdude1994cool says:

    Hi I notice that u use omlet arcade I use it as well plus I am a YouTuber as well but not uploading so much right now but I like to know what is your omlet name and to added me as a friend on omlet my omlet name is Bdude1994 could u added me plus I would give u some feedback on omlet if I see anything

  14. The great Q says:

    Pls add pterosaurs in the future because there aren’t enough mods with pterosaurs

  15. Have you plans of adding t-rex dinosaurs?

  16. Dinoboy says:

    Do you have Twitter or discord

  17. MigSilverS says:


  18. M.M.16 player says:

    Good addon! I can help you for models I’m a good model maker !

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