Published on December 24, 2021 (Updated on March 17, 2022)

Jurassic World Giganotosaurus

I recreated the giganotosaurus from Jurassic World Dominion's prologue(Note: the giga in the final movie might look slightly different from the prologue, and this addon aims to recreate the prologue giga only) 


Only baby giganotosaurus is tameable

Use raw pork to tame baby giga, and use cooked pork to accelerate its growth/recover

Once your tamed giga is grown up, you can put a saddle on it and ride it. If you don't want your pet giga to follow to, you can let it sit down (after you saddle it)

Naturally spawned adult giga are hostile toward all mobs, and are not tameable. Will roar when spotting its target. Sound effects are all taken from Jurassic World 3 prologue. Giganotosaurus will drop diamonds if killed

And finally, go check out Jurassic World 3 prologue if you haven't already 


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added a model showcase video in the description 

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4.67 / 5 (9 votes)
Excelente el modelo 3d
as per usual you seem to make very great addons,and this no exception
Can I use this add-on for my YouTube video? I will give credit and link
Contact us if your interested in a job. Full time and Part time positions available.
it looked amazing although i think its best that you add a texture a sadle for your giga
such a cool model
cool but a little op i mean its diamonds it would be better if it was iron or maybe a new item
Nice model, but it's drop... Tbh, it sucks. I mean, you get diamonds from just killing the mob, it seems too easy even if this mob is giga.
I hope that you will replace it with some trophy or teeth.
Ciri2 orang gabut tapi keren