Published on May 21, 2021

Killer vs Survivors Minigame

You might have played or heard about 4 v 1 game where a player plays as killer and others play as survivor . I have attempted to bring this type of game into Minecraft. 

Can you and your friends escape the dark mansion of the psychopath killer? Let's take this challenge. This game is playable on Realm, personal server or Lan. No resource pack is required to play. I aimed to make the map very simple but fun. 


In this minigame, at least 4 players (recommended 5) will play as survivor and one players will play as killer.

Survivor: Survivors are normal player without any type of gears and weapons. They have to score 'Coins' so that they can escape the hellish arena. 

Killer: Killer will get nether gear and weapon. Survivors can't kill killer. Killer's task is to hunt the survivors and kill them. 
The hunted survivors will spawn in to killer's cage. 

Killer's cage: All dead survivor will respawn there. Any alive survivor can rescue the captured players and this will cost 50 coins. 

Escape door/Safe zone: 
After collecting 50 coins survivors can escape through the escape door. The escspe door or safe zone is located at survivor spawn room, a room which has emerald ore floor. 

Coin generators: 
The coin generator is simply a scoreboard system. There are total 3 coin generators in the arena. 


Lobby : 
The game lobby has both Operator control or self control feature. If you are about to host the game for your friends you can just access from the lobby!



How to Play ?

This game is simple, at least 4 players (recommended 5) will play as survivor and one players will play as killer. 

If you are a survivor, your goal is to collect coins and escape . you have to try rescue others in order to escape together and win the game.

If you are a killer you have to kill them . You are not allowed to score , enter the safe zone or the cage either.  


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Hey do you have a youtube channel if yes give us a link and this mod is good
Do u have a tutorail for this model
Can I translate your work and post it on Omlet Arcade?