Published on July 18, 2022

Kitsune Mask V1 | Bedrock Edition

Are you bored with Vanilla Mob Head(zombie head/creeper head/skeleton skull/wither skeleton skull) ?  looks like you should try this texture pack!! this is a texture pack that transforms a vanilla mob head model into a Kitsune Mask...There are four variants of this mask...there are PURPLE, RED, GOLD, and GRAY colors. This will improve your gameplay.Only by wearing a mob head (zombie head/creeper head/skeleton skull/wither skeleton skull) in the helmet slot you can already use a Kitsune Mask !! -INFOKitsune mask is also referred to as fox mask, and it is a special mask wore by Japanese on special festivals for fun. In short, a kitsune mask is any mask that has physical characteristics of a fox. Mostly these masks are worn to pay tribute to the gods. On top of that, the masks can be used for ritual practices.

Supported Minecraft versions


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you can add 1.17.30 as supported version, bc it works in edication edition. and it got updated to 1.17.30
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My girlfriend will love this, thank you!
Can u make this into armor helmets