Knowledge Experience

Better Weaponry adds New Weapons that made to be Balanced
But some still have the Unbalanced Damage issue...

Where Low-tier weapon has the same damage as High-tier weapon
So, what if Experience is Required in order to use the Equipments?

Introducing the Tome of Weaponry!

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Every Knowledge Tomes are now Craftable!

• Updated the picture that shows the knowledge tomes crafting recipes






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I have installed the full mod and all the required mods! and after entering the world all the books are also showing but not working! I mean I can use all weapons without leveling up!
I can't find the issues, try it on normal world without any other addons
Those "Extra", what does that mean? Is it really what it means?
If yes, why?? Is there a way to turn it off? Since, Player needs to kill sheep in order to obtain Bed in pre-game, and some Enderman Farm won't work because of the changes in enderman's behavior.
• Yes it is what it really means
• Why? It's simply the addon feature
• There's no way to turn it off except removing it from the addon code
• Removing the pre-game bed, skipping nights early game & certain enderman farm design is intentional in order to make to game less-cheese-able
• Meanwhile shears exists...