Lawful and Chaotic

This addon made becoming a pillager possible! Expand your villagers/illagers army, take new weapons, defend the village from the raid and new events like zombie siege, or take everything you want, enforce your will to everyone.

Challenge scary monsters!there are 4 types of titan, and elite mobs like a vampire, an elite zombie.

Contact: [email protected]


This addon add lawful-neutral-chaotic alignment system to Minecraft world. You can choose to keep on fighting with monsters or raid villages.

On game start, players are set to lawful. By killing villagers or iron golems you can switch alignment to neutral or even chaotic. By killing monsters or healing zombie villagers a chaotic player can return lawfully.

Lawful: can tame villager militia, cataphract, and warship girl. It can interact with iron golem to acquire useful items.

Chaotic: can tame illagers and skeleton, hostile to lawful.

Neutral: only take 50% damage, has higher base ATK.

Zombie creatures: hostile to all players.

Universal tame item: bone.

Trade with golem: a lawful player can get random items from the pool by interacting to iron golem with diamond/emerald block/diamond block in hand.

Craft recipes: enter /function info/craft_recipe to get helps in-game.

New mobs:

Lawful Warship girl: equipped with cannons, AA guns, torpedos, and radar, made her a nightmare to all monsters.

Lawful Cataphract: extremely heavy armored,equipped with lance, powerful charge attack.

Lawful villager militias: equipment and combat abilities vary from occupations.

Vampire: can summon zombies, freeze nearby enemies if take melee damage, instantly turn villagers into zombies.

Zombie archer: ranged zombie.

Ghost zombie type 1:become invisible if under attack.

Ghost zombie type 2:change appearance to NPC when target acquired.

Ghost phantom: similar to ghost zombie.

Elite zombie: heavy armored, high ATK, and fast-moving.

Zombie titan 1st stage: cast fireballs that transform into an elite zombie on hit.1% chance to spawn a zombie titan when a normal form zombie is destroyed.

2nd stage: summon monsters and shoot small creepers.

3rd stage: heavy armored.

Ghast titan: summon ghast, shoot small ghast and inflict status to players.1% chance to spawn when a skeleton is destroyed.

Phantom titan: summon monsters and shoot powerful fireballs.1% chance to spawn when a enderman is killed.

Blaze titan: splendid danmaku.1% chance to spawn when a blaze is killed.

Modified mobs:

Stray:additional magic damage.

Skeleton:2nd and 3rd type can inflict status.

Enderman: throw small creeper.

Wither skeleton: teleport to the player if target acquired.

Witch: a tamed witch can enchant player and other friendly illagers.

Vindicator: an enchanted vindicator can cause additional magic damage.

Phantom: a phantom spawn in nether or ender shoot fireball. Friendly phantom can ride.

New events:

Monster invasion:

require lawful player, village, full moon, night.

Zombie siege:

require lawful player, village, a full set of diamond armor, night,40% chance to trigger.

Village reconquest:

trigger 1:lawful player, zombie village or chaotic village, daytime.

trigger 2:chaotic player, chaotic village, large chaotic squad, daytime.20% chance to trigger.

Modified events:

Raid: spawn mobs fast, no longer need to kill all mobs before the next wave.

New equipment:

Grayswandir: disable mob abilities, additional damage to undead.lawful only

Muramasa: the chance to instant kill.lawful only

Magicbane:absorb negative effects,confer magic resistance,inflict status.lawful only

Healing wand: cast magic shoot with area healing effect.

The staff of cold: zap at enemies to freeze them, zap at yourself to create an ice wall.

the Book of Dead: chaotic equipment, read it to unleash the power of necromancer, charm undead if you already became a necromancer. You tamed illagers influenced by this power will transform to tamed undead once killed in fighting.Drop from vampire,10% drop rate.

The staff of necromancer: chaotic necromancer only, summon undead creatures around you.

Rocket: lawful weapon, shoot 5 rockets, explode on hit or close enough to flying targets.

SMG: shoot 3 bullets in a single burst,72 bullets in total.

Vacuum imploder: very dangerous, drag miserable entities into it and crash them.

Input /function info/craft_recipe to access to all recipes of craftable items.

Changelog View more

What's new in 1.4.6:

Mob walking animation fix.

Added active skills for Grayswandir,Magicbane and Muramasa.If chaotic player try to active Magicbane or Muramasa,it will transform to Sting and Stormbringer.

Chaotic Artifacts Sting and Stormbringer:transformed from Magicbane and Muramasa.When you equipped with Stormbringer,entities in the same block with you will be damaged by Stormbringer's overwhelming power.

Active Sting to get speed,strength,invisibility status and slow down nearby enemies 4 seconds.Active Stormbringer to get resistance,health boost and regeneration buffs.

Spellbook of turn undead:a powerful magic book,can revive died villagers.Typing /function recipe/spellbook in chat to get craft recipe in game.

Stone mask:a mysterious item from jungle temple and desert pyramid,do you want to reject humanity?You can also simply get it by /give @s yjsnpi:stone_mask.

New pillager variety: lancer,a ravager always spawn with a lancer,a captain must be a lancer.

Vampire player:put on stone mask to become a vampire,vampire players have 64 ATK,80% damage cut off and night vision ability,but hate sunlight.Be cautious,you can't return a human once became a vampire except using command /function return_human.


Enable experimental game play to access to new items.Beta version not recommended.


Supported Minecraft versions


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55 Responses

4.8 / 5 (5 votes)
  1. Guest-9316645332 says:

    Can you update this so it works on 1.16?

  2. Guest-1154209001 says:

    I downloaded this mod yesterday and have been playing around with it on Xbox and it so far is very good. Other than textures not working here and there it works great. I just wish I was able to use ‘The great pillager war’ resource pack with this addon however the pillager texture does not change but the other illager skins do. I did go into the files to see if I could maybe fix this myself however it just ended up turning the pillager invisible lmao (the villager milita and sometimes other villagers also turn pink for whatever reason). Would be nice if in a future update pillager textures would not be “locked” and would allow for other addons and resource packs to work with this one. Otherwise, very good addon!

    • kocmoca says:

      Pillager textures,geometry,render controlller and animations are modified so they can’t be replaced.
      When two addons are activated,files with the same name and path cause conflicts.

      • Guest-8328312581 says:

        Even before I added a second addon the textures for the villagers would still be pink, the death animations as well. Also when it comes to taming villagers I can’t, not unless they see a hostile mob then turn into milita (pink lol). For Pillagers, Illagers etc.. it works just fine. Will all villagers be able to be tamed in future updates or possibly given their own weapons by the player as seen in the ‘strengthenable villagers’ addon.

        • kocmoca says:

          Villagers have his/her own free will,as I think.But when their village under siege,they need a wise man(player) to organize them.
          Villager textures works fine on my phone,maybe it’s caused by a global resource pack?

          • Guest-5022521382 says:

            Tolong ubah Zombie menjadi baik ketika player menjadi Kacau dan itu hanya untuk keadilan

  3. kocmoca says:

    Great news:new items and recipes are supported by realm and server after 1.16 update.

  4. Guest-8551273586 says:

    How do I tame illagers

  5. Guest-3855074041 says:

    Finally…. I can say “I rejected my humanity JOJO!!! “

  6. Guest-1728528658 says:

    How do we tame???

  7. Guest-5486848395 says:

    Please can you make a resource and behavior pack because it looks way to good to be true

    • kocmoca says:

      Merging them into a .mcaddon pack is more comvient.
      Just believe me,every published features have been tested,there is no need for me to tell a lie or play tricks on players because I’m able to bring ideas come true.

  8. Guest-1340216366 says:

    By far the best add-on I’ve seen. Great work! One thing tho, is it possible for you to add an item that can control your entire squad?

  9. Guest-4933602339 says:

    The drops are too OP. The addon could be good but things like villagers dropping diamonds (A thing that is supposed to be one of the most rarest and hardest to get things in the game) ruin it. I cant even go into the mod file and edit the drops because its locked.

  10. Guest-4529747756 says:

    Yesterday I try it in a realm for an hour. i did not know it wasn’t all support. i had some fun with a friend though.
    A type of zombie becomes invisible when hitted but doesn’t move. are there many things that doesn’t work in realms?
    We will keep playing and see what happens.
    I like this add-on very much 🙂
    Thank you

    • kocmoca says:

      Items,blocks and craft recipes added in addon won’t work,because server doesn”t support it.
      However,monster features can work properly according to my test,maybe it’s due to other problems

  11. KIRITO SAMA says:

    Cool 💙💙

  12. Luz10noch0_The_Enderm4n says:

    How to join raids

  13. Guest-8507497341 says:

    When i tap on activate it says “This Pack is missing one or more dependencies” what i can do to resolve this issue plz help

  14. Guest-8965601617 says:

    Yes yes yes, jojo reference , i want reject my humanity when i become chaotic.

  15. Guest-3712939653 says:

    You can make the ravagers tamale, and add the pillager armor, too add armor for the ravager and make a new sword for the caotic?

    • kocmoca says:

      Armour for non-humanoid is unavailable in current Minecraft version,but I will consider give damage cutoff or attach a turret to it.A ravager calvary sounds cool too.

  16. Guest-4812202923 says:

    Here is an idea
    You can equip allies with weapons and armor. And can you also make it that you make an entity on your side a friend. This will make that entity stronger. And if he is killed in battle, the player goes through a rage face. By that I mean the player gets like strength 4 speed 5 resistance 3 and more. This only last for about 2 minutes.
    Another I will like is if you could level up by killing more enemies. When you level up you become faster stronger and more. But please if you take this idea do not add jump boost, it is annoying. If you know how, make it that when you level up, it increases your damage and not give you strength so that when you go on rage mode your strength or damage increases. Same applies to speed. (Again no jump boost. If you do, don’t make it that much).
    I also want to talk about things that are already in the Addon. First of all the running textures for the skeletons and baby zombies are broken and the skeleton shoot instant damage which heals the zombies instead of damage them. So it will be nice when they are fighting zombies they use Instant health.
    That’s all I have for now
    I love the addon 5 star

  17. Guest-6627033437 says:

    I cant craft any of the wepons

  18. Guest-9183258063 says:

    I have an idea, and if you add a special armor that you only get by being legal and another by being chaotic, also that if you are chaotic you can tame the behemoth and that you can put armor on it, also that you add the pillager armor

  19. Mr.Valentine says:

    Before you uplod your addon in this web, i already dowload your add on, thx for the updt, finally i can trade with golem with no problem, but there is one mob that i was sad when you remove it, ik you add dio, can you add Dio back to game 🙂 and yeah dont forget add texture for him 😁

  20. kocmoca says:

    Finally logged in,I’m kocmoca,thanks for downloading and playing this addon.If you have good ideas or find out problems,please send feedback.Also,there are many HIDDEN features

  21. Guest-8724214063 says:

    Can I recommend some stuff
    Weapons for the chaotic
    Also the death book you can get from trading with vampires not killing (has to be chaotic)
    Chaotic weapons
    Black blood scythe gives regen on damage to enemy’s
    Shadow knife gives speed invisibility and jump boost height damage teleports
    Also elementals if you want
    The elements are
    Also a turreteer for chaotic and also wizards for chaotic villages
    Finally can u add a emerald giant (golem)

    • kocmoca says:

      Good idea,I do also think chaotic equipments are too few.But creating a elemental mechanism is somewhat difficult because it’s hard for me to tell which element a mob should belongs to.

  22. Guest-1083500552 says:

    This is cool I want some foot soldiers or swordsmen

    • Guest-9622951908 says:

      There are villager swordsman already,I’m preparing to add magical hoplite,they can both fight with spear and shoot fireballs with a mahoujin(magic circle).

  23. Guest-7310157175 says:

    Can u add some item that we can be vampire, i want reject my humanity =]

  24. BonnieEXE says:

    Please, add a feature where this Addon allows the player to become the warship!

    • Guest-1375189593 says:

      In fact I tried to attach weapons on player,a support pod like NieR automate,but it disabled other items.So I have to give this idea up

    • Guest-1788080797 says:

      For some reason I can’t login,every time I click login button,it skip to profile and remain not logged in on this page.

  25. Mr.Valentine says:

    Good bye jooojoooo~

  26. Guest-9331718433 says:

    A vampire freezes neerby enties… sounds like DIO 😀

  27. Guest-1001194865 says:

    Finally a reason to not kill everything you see so you can get the drops this adds a whole new level of complexity while keeping it simple

    • Guest-8989329704 says:

      Can you add something that differentiate the tamed mobs and in tamed ones. My suggestion is something like a green dot above their head?

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