Liveable Nether Add-on (1.16 Recommended)

Minecraft’s 1.16 Nether Update, allows you to live in the nether, but what if you could spawn in the nether and play as if you were in the overworld? Start in the nether and get to the end. Oh like that idea? Well let me tell you more…

As I said before you can go into the nether with a fresh start and live in it as you would in the overworld! This is my very first add-on and I do plan on updating it.

First off, you gonna need diamonds to get your sweet, sweet netherite! Well you can now do it two ways, first way go to every nether fortress until you get enough diamonds to get a diamond pickaxe (which is an absolute pain), ore you can mine the new diamond ore that spawns in the nether! Each ore drops one diamond, it is very common around the nether, I do plan on changing this but I’ll give you a few days to enjoy it 🙂

I know what your thinking, “How am I going to get my diamonds without an iron pickaxe?” Well problem solved! There is now iron ore that can spawn in the nether! They drop one iron nugget, (This can be mined with a wooden pickaxe).

There is now gold ore that can spawn in the nether! Each gold ore drops one gold nugget! (Two things, one I made the loot table before Minecraft made there gold ore drop gold nuggets, so technically Minecraft copied me! Two, I do plan on changing the amount of what the iron and gold ores drop). Shout out to Floshox for letting me use his gold ore texture, and also helping me with the coding of my add-on!

I sure you been killing those hoglins and stacking up that porkchop, but how are you gonna cook that stuff? Well good news you can now craft a furnace using netherrack!

Get excited because there is now a new block, give it up for… The Soul Soil Treasure!!! This block only spawns in the soul sand valley and spawns only where every there is soul soil. This is actually pretty rare block. Mining the block will give you a random drop, it could drop:

1-3 Books

1-3 Diamonds

1-6 Gold Ingots

1-5 Porkchops (Raw)

There is now a brand new ore that can be obtained from the nether too, it is the Nether Emerald Ore! This will drop 1-3 emerald shards, and with 9 emerald shards you can make 1 emerald.

(I forgot to take a screenshot of the emerald shard recipe lol)

There is a new item too! it is the Soul Bottle, this is a way to get water bottles in the nether, to make this item you need a glass bottle and soul sand to get it!

Here is how you get your water bottle in the nether.

Well how are you gonna get glass bottles if you can’t get glass in the nether? Well my friend, you can now smelt soul sand to get glass! In both a furnace and blast furnace.

Wondering what’s the use for your emeralds? Well you can now make totems of undying using 4 gold and 1 emerald!

Need your brewing stand but got no cobble? Well luckily for you, your problem solved! You can now craft 4 cobblestone using basalt!

Currently the add-on does not take you directly to the nether, so if you decide to play the way this add-on was designed then you have to make a nether portal in creative and build the portal, go into the nether and turn yourself back into survival.

You must use cheats in order for the ores to spawn! And You cannot play on peaceful! I recommend using experimental game play too!

You can play it on 1.15 but if you wanna play it the way it was intended then you should play it on 1.16. If you play on 1.15, you will not get soul soil treasure.

Now that you know what you need to know about the add-on, GO DOWNLOAD  MY ADD-ON AND PLAY IT!!

Changelog View more

-Added Soul Bottle

-Added a recipe for a water bottle

-Added a recipe for cobblestone

-You can now smelt soul sand into glass

-Added a nether emerald ore

-Added emerald shards

-Added a recipe for a totem of undying

-You can use 9 emerald shards to craft 1 emerald

-Changed nether gold ore to drop 1-6 gold nuggets

-Changed nether iron ore to drop 1-6 iron nuggets

-Changed Featured Image

-Added additional information for you to note

-Fixed a spelling error in the description of the add-on I'm currently working on an update though so make sure to join my Discord server to get the latest information!

-Added my discord link

-No new updates to the add-on but I am currently working on an update with a new way to get Totems of Undying in the nether and to get emeralds so stay tuned! (You can get more info on my new discord server!)

-You can no longer craft sticks or wooden tools using warped or crimson wood

-You can now craft oak planks using warped or crimson wood

-Added Soul Soil Treasure

-Fixed the link to the download

-You can now craft wooden objects using warped and crimson wood

-You can now craft wooden tools using warped or crimson planks (Sorry I didn't know that it wasn't implemented in the Bedrock Edition yet)

-You can now craft crafting tables and sticks using warped or crimson planks


I don't have any public social media so, I'm putting Floshox's because I really appreciate for what he's done! Expect for my new discord server!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 (beta)

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35 Responses

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  1. acommand says:


  2. DiamonDaggers says:

    Does it work non-beta?

  3. Guest-1167639119 says:

    Ae men,o complemento ta incrivel! Mais voce podia atualizar as texturas dos minerios e deixar elas com a textura do minerio de ouro do Nether igual o Java. Eu pareço chato falando isso mais plss faça isso. Obrigado pela colaboraçao! aguardando uma resposta. 🙂

    • minebuilder3 says:

      Muito obrigado pelo seu feedback! Inicialmente, eu adicionaria a textura de minério de ouro da edição Java do Minecraft, mas era realmente difícil de encontrar, então não pude fazê-lo.

  4. Guest-3734879549 says:

    What I have to do for download this minecraft 1.16 version plz ans me

  5. Guest-1820520234 says:

    I have the same problem man…

  6. Anonymous says:

    Lol its like living in hell XD

  7. Guest-2081148803 says:

    Plz add emerald

  8. Guest-9534541261 says:

    the addon doesn’t work, I put it on the map, but it didn’t appear, I checked if the experimental gameplay was active but it didn’t even work with it activated, the addon looks very good but I can’t play (Sorry if the English is wrong, I’m using Google translator)

  9. PavelDobCZ23 says:

    How can you set spawn in Nether with your addon?

    • minebuilder3 says:

      Currently no but I’ll work on a way to do that 🙂 for now just put your bed right next to the portal and make you portal next to your spawn and that will work just as fine

  10. Guest-3453870675 says:


  11. Floshox says:

    Looks nice 😀 Thanks for the credits 🙂

  12. Guest-5558132974 says:

    Pretty cool mod

  13. Guest-3237318834 says:

    the behaviour pack doesnt work. it says in the storage setting that there are missing things and then in the nether there is nothing at all. just plain old netherack and the warped and crim forests,

  14. Guest-9303590325 says:

    thank you

  15. minebuilder3 says:

    Here is the link to my resource pack

    Here is the link to my behavior pack

    Use this until the pack is updated

  16. Guest-6320412158 says:

    Plz solve problem with the link, the addon is beautiful but the link does not work

  17. Guest-6005295166 says:

    This mod doesn’t work. I cant download it. Whyyyy😭😭

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