Published on August 28, 2021 (Updated on October 24, 2022)

Loot Bags [ 1.19 ]

So I added loot bags.

At the moment there is no crafting (like lower bags to higher bags)

And the only way to get better bags is to kill better mobs

NOTE: This uses vanilla loot tables, if you pair this with an addon that changes the vanilla loot tables the loot from the bags will change also


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Reviewed and redid some of the pack for 1.19 



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Amazing mod, and it now works with the morph mod. Worthy of 5 stars! Thanks for your dedication!
For Some Reason Mobs dont drop any Lootbags idk why I even Incrase its Weight value but It still not dropping anything Am i doing something wrong ? My version Is 1.18.12 I als turn all experimentals Already
i like this mod but pls add it in 1.18.30 thanks for the good mods
Nice Addon
Tho Can I Edit It For A Yt Series?
I Wont Publish The Editted One
can you make the loot editable?
can be created in the future?
Can you add a mythical lootbag that the enderdragon drops, i would realy love it if you did
Amazing mod, and it now works with the morph mod. Worthy of 5 stars! Thanks for your dedication!
But honestly i have no idea what i did
all i did was delete a few folders from the file
Whatever it was fixed the issue for me.
I thought it might've been the lootbags registering the morph as mob, and created conflict between the two.
Yeah maybe
Well im glad it works now☺
Hey, your mod breaks Morph Plus V3 mod pack. I believe that is a problem that will break other mod packs. Your mod is amazing, but, a star has got to be deducted for compatibility issues with others. If you fix it, you are due for 5 stars for the dedication. Again, please dont take it personal. Nothing is perfect! Have an awesome day!
Thx for letting me know ☺
I never tested compatibility so i was never 100% sure
So ill try and fix it soon ill also try and make the file size smaller
And thank you for your support :)
It had a pretty serious bug when I opened it and the stuff came out normally but when I went to look at my feet I found a bag that wasn't broken and I couldn't break it but when I hit something Above there is a bag that is not broken, the item it is thrown from the bag is not broken it keeps repeating until it reaches the foundation stone, I think it is a pretty serious mistake, hope you fix it soon.
Okay thanks for letting me know
I'll try to fix it and have it up soon
I'll make them a spawn egg instead of a projectile
Thx so much :)
Dude you stole the loot bag addon from vatonage
I took it from terraria
Also vatonage is a way better creator than me so if you like his better than mine that just means i need to improve. Thx for commenting btw
Ok sorry about that