Legend of Zelda Master Sword Addon

This addon adds the Master Sword from the Legend of Zelda series! Use the blade of evil’s bane on your friends and foes! It has no durability; it won’t break! Should be compatible with most addons.

The Addon adds two items:

– Master Ore 

    Used to craft the Master sword. Smelt netherstars in a blast furnace  to get these.

– Master Sword

    The star of the show; deals 15 damage and cannot be broken or enchanted. Otherwise functions exactly how you would expect. Crafted with two Master Ores and a stick.


    The Combo Behavior Pack combines the functionality of this addon and my Heart Containers addon.

    In order for the merge to work, you need the merger, this addon, and my Heart Containers addon. You can get the Heart Containers Addon here.

Changelog View more

Updated to fit the 1.16 behavior pack format, and provide mirror download link.

- Fixed issue where Hunger bar would never deplete when using Merger

- Added link to Heart Container addon

 - Added Merger.mcpack to allow for compatibility with my Heart Containers addon

-Changed Master Sword to a Custom Item. Item ID is ms:master_sword -Added Enchantment 'Shimmer' to Master Sword -Master Sword now deals 15 damage -Removed Consequences of item replacement


Works in 1.16 and above. Be sure to toggle experimental gameplay in the world settings.

When using the combo, make sure to have both the Master Sword and Heart Container addons applied, and have the Merger on top of both of them.


Supported Minecraft versions


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59 Responses

4.26 / 5 (19 votes)
  1. nwnwpncab says:

    Help. When I deactivated it i still only had 3 hearts

  2. Guest-2307444992 says:

    The Heart Container addon and this one don’t work to me. When i try to import to my Minecraft it says: “It’s not an valid .zip archive”. Fix it, please! I want to play so much!

  3. Guest-1160560531 says:

    I can’t get the link to work. Is it because I am on Minecraft Pocket Edition?

  4. TheRTGGaming says:

    Your addon makes it to where the player cant swim threw 1×1 block can you fix it please?

  5. NoPlayers says:

    Okay, I have a question to do with the way you’ve made the Master Sword have custom damage, and how you’ve made the name of the Master Sword item in game not something like item.master_sword/.
    I’ve been trying to make an addon that adds some new weapons and items, and everything works, like, the added items have the crafting (and smelting recipes) that I made for them. For example, I have a sword called the Yellow Sword (creative, I know). It is the regular sword recipe, but it uses two items I made called yellow slabs (crafted from a gold block and a gold ingot above and below it). The sword and the yellow slabs craft all perfectly, but I cant get the sword to do any damage, and I can’t get any of the items to have names other than, like, item:yellow_slab/ or something. I took a look at your player.json file for inspiration, and ended up just using it (like, changing it to suit my addon) and it didn’t change anything… And I cant find a .json file for ANY tools in the template behaviour pack to just edit for my addon.
    I know I’m asking a lot, but if you could help me, I would be eternally grateful..

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. Anonymous says:

    Please make the Hylian shield and replace the normal shield.

  8. zealousZombie says:

    Can You Make The Sword Upgradeable, Like Link To The Past, In Future Updates?

  9. Anonymous says:

    The add on is added on Xbox one and experimental gameplay is active any idea why it won’t work

  10. Anonymous says:

    How where is the merger i need

  11. Anonymous says:

    How do you use the merger? Plz help

  12. Patrick says:

    write /function master sword and active the experimental game.

  13. inkunn says:

    its august 16th and its not working. am i doing something wrong? is it outdated?

  14. LinkSans2000 says:

    Awesome mod and the merger works really well! I have one question though:

    Is it possible you could add Potions of Youth to the merger so that they can all work together?

  15. WasatyCiastek says:

    Ok, so I have a problem with the addon. So my old Master Sword Addon wasn’t working with the new heart container addon so I was trying to delete the old master sword resources and behavior packs, it went pretty smoothly with the resources. But the problem is when iam trying to delete the behavior my Minecraft glitches out and I can’t interact with any of the buttons. So it’s like the screen froze but not really, the animations are still working and all but I still can’t interact with any of the buttons. Help and explain.

    • Ikersfletch says:

      Click on the exclamation mark button then the trash can in the menu.
      If that doesn’t work, find your Minecraft file folder and delete it directly

  16. Fidulus says:

    I don’t know why, but for me the Mastersword does minimal to no damage. I need like 20 hits to kill a drowned. Is this intended?

    • Fidulus says:

      i realized something…
      I also use the backpack mod and only the one at the top works.
      I don’t know why there might be any conflict with those two, but when i put the backpack mod on top the sword does 1 dmg instead of 14, when i put mastersword on top, i can’t wear the backpack anymore… i don’t get this…

      • A Random Guy On The Internet says:

        It is likely that they use the same item ids for certain items.

      • Whichever addon is on the top is the one that overwrites the other. Like stacking resource packs. Since both addons try to alter the player, any conflicts lead to only one behavior going through. It has nothing to do with the items and everything to do with the way addons are implemented. The way to fix this is to merge it with your addon of choice by altering the files in one or the other.

  17. ChaosRuinsYT says:

    I mean like for another project or something you could try like when u think you are done with this one because I’m making a map with your addon and a few others but it would be cool to have some bokoblins and stuff, for a future project, plus if u have a discord pls tell me what it is.

  18. TerraGames says:

    Which Item is it? If it is a reskinned Item

  19. Anonymous says:

    Please can you make a 10 + sword addon cuz the other ones are useless

  20. ChaosRuinsYT says:

    Sorry I said the same thing so many times, my iPod was glitching cuz it’s well, an an iPod touch and I couldn’t see my comments so I kept trying, sorry

    • Ikersfletch says:

      I know your iPod pains.

      I would like to do Zelda enemies and such, but in the future I’d think it would be more fun to implement systems like heart containers and Breath of the Wild’s temperature system. They would have more longevity and better serve the gameplay then the novelty of an enemy. They also give better performance on lower-end devices. In general, fun systems are prioritized over enemies and items. But I do like the idea of implementing those stuff; four swords is impossible to comfortably play, and a zelda-esc multiplayer experience would be a blast. This addon was here only so I can get used to custom items and crafting recipes.

      No seriously the last iPod I used said I had to wait 40 years to unlock it. I don’t know how.

  21. Anonymous says:

    very cute as addon, all in all. If you want advice you could also add the shield.

  22. Omar says:

    Very good job, excellent Everything has been perfect even the fact of using the furnace blast furnace

  23. This is cool says:

    I say for a new creator this thing is amazing

  24. ChaosRuinsYT says:

    I’m trying to rate this addon but it won’t save

  25. ChaosRuinsYT says:

    Idk if this is too much to ask but could you make Zelda threats like the bokoblins and octoraks and just other Zelda threats and possibly make the bokoblins like stay around civilization like villagers except they aren’t villagers and they attack you, and could you make like other Zelda weapons like the halberds or the claymores, it would make me very happy

  26. ChaosRuinsYT says:

    I was wondering if u could try to make like, bokoblins and octoraks and other Zelda threats and try to make them like villagers where they stay around civilisation like camps from LOZ, cuz I’m making a map that has expansion+ and your addon and I really want to get bokoblins and other threats from Zelda so I can make this map, it might be too much to ask, but can u also add in some of the other Zelda weapons like the claymores and the halberd and just other Zelda things, I’d u can do this I would be SO happy

  27. ChaosruinsYT says:

    Hey man, this might be too much to ask but could you maybe add things like octoraks and bokoblins and things like that, please, if u did that I would do a review on my yt channel, even though it only has 20 subs, I could still review it, I would love it if u made these

  28. SMMN09 says:

    It can’t breaks cobwebs and breaks blocks in creative mode.

  29. TerraGames says:

    Imagine if you could sheath the sword, like in Zelda games, that would be awesome!

    ps. I turned on experimental gameplay, why is it not working?

    • Anonymous says:

      I didn’t even put experimental gameplay and its not working and some block textures are glitched!

      • WasatyCiastek says:

        Yeah… that’s impossible, this Addon only add two new items. ITEMS and it is not possible that it’s this addon that did it. It’s probably one of you’re other Addons or texture packs you added.

  30. I’ve seen other users who have been able to get custom swords to be displayed correctly without needing to replace an item. If you can add it as a new item I will totally download and review. This looks great otherwise. There’s a bunch of other sword addons, try looking at the scripting for those!

    • Ikersfletch says:

      I’ll look into it; There isn’t much documentation on this, so I went with something I knew would work. I’d love to know where I can get some of those custom swords you talked about, because it often is better to analyze something that works rather than guess what you’re doing. If I were to get it functioning there is a guarantee that the addon would be updated; (The Master Sword should not be fuel)

    • This is so bad to do thing like this. This is stealling.

      • Ikersfletch says:

        This kind of behavior is so common in the world of computer programming that I don’t feel guilty for mimicking others’ code. In the same way, I don’t feel guilty for copying portions of others’ behavior packs, especially due to the lack of proper documentation by Mojang. I’m not stealing their ideas; I’m using what I’ll know what will work. Like using wheels for a vehicle; it works, you shouldn’t try to reinvent it. Nobody will get mad at you for using wheels.

  31. EzraYT says:

    I think you should increase the damage to 20 because a fully enchanted diamond sword has 13 damage and it’s quite expensive to make

    • Ikersfletch says:

      The fact that it’s unbreakable is why it doesn’t do a crap ton of damage. Once you have it, you don’t need to worry about repairs or anything. The other thing to consider is that the Master Sword isn’t always the best sword in the game. For instance, take Breath of the Wild, or Ocarina of Time; the Master Sword technically isn’t the best sword in either. (when entirely based on damage) Yet, the sword does have other perks.

  32. Tazmoe says:

    The master ore does not really exist- the zeldapedia states that the master sword forged out of godly reinforced steel.

  33. Doctor Link says:

    One question! HOW DO I GET THE ORE?! it won’t let me get the ore, I’m smelting in a blast furnace. So plz update and fix. I’m a huge Zelda fan and rlly want a working LOZ addon

    • Ikersfletch says:

      Did you use experimental gameplay? You should make sure you’re on 1.12 and that you clicked ‘use experimental gameplay’ when creating or editing the world

    • WasatyCiastek says:

      Also if it still doesn’t work for you than try not to overlap other behavior packs with this one because it completely masses it up. So when you are at you’re world menu screen (the screen when you can change you game mode and turn on cheats and so forth) go ahead and tap on “behavior packs” and where you are there click on the master sword beh. Pack and click the arrow that goes up so that the beh. Pack is on the top. (You probably figured this out by now but iam trying to help.

  34. Anonymous says:


  35. Why not add it as a new item?

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