Lucky Blocks

This addon adds 3 lucky blocks to the game, which can be opened by breaking them. There are a total of 58 different things that can occur from breaking the lucky blocks.

Lucky Blocks

  • Normal Lucky Block – all effects
  • Lucky Lucky Block – only positive effects
  • Unlucky Block – only negative effects

The effects can range from massive destruction to giving you good loot. I recommend only using these when you are far away from your base. Using silk touch will allow you to pick up the lucky blocks without opening them.

Changelog View more

+ Updated all block components  to work in 1.16 update

+ 11 new possible effects from blocks

+ bug fixes



Supported Minecraft versions


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47 Responses

4 / 5 (17 votes)
  1. Guest-7386734225 says:

    Its a good mod would be greatful if you could add a few more outcomes though it gets a little repetitive after a few times also would be amazing if you could update it to work in 1.16

  2. Guest-6200134160 says:

    Hey, great mod, I would love it if you could please work on updating it for 1.16 thank you

  3. Guest-1485418467 says:

    good mah man

  4. Guest-9074060808 says:

    Literally the best mod i have ever downloaded

  5. Guest-6163906645 says:

    not working because of beta

  6. Guest-8865592030 says:

    herobrine keeps joining my world do you know anything about that???

  7. Guest-7184843762 says:

    Thank you, it is working. Nice addon 🙂

  8. bestGaming132 says:

    This does not work on 1.16 betas because they breake custom blocks. So dont leave a bad rating if it does not work in the beta

  9. Guest-5926441720 says:

    can you make a lucky block that is just like java’s

  10. Guest-8827140481 says:

    It doesn’t work

  11. Guest-9759200825 says:

    1.16 pls

  12. Guest-7562872385 says:

    It doesn’t work! Even turn on experimental mode

  13. Guest-4399658582 says:

    This looks nice but im on 1.15 do u think it will still load?

  14. Guest-6908263517 says:

    Add more lucky blocks!

  15. Vincent Ceasar says:

    I play on version 14.60 Win10, the mod works really well, thank you creator! If you have issues breaking, maybe you could try chaning from creative to survival. If you already haven’t.

    One question though, do these 3 lucky blocks appear in a normal survival world? Or you only need to craft them?

  16. Guest-6949133610 says:

    Uhh when I break the lucky I didn’t get anything it’s useless and this addon belongs to trash

  17. Guest-8962132054 says:

    How can i activate these blocks? I put them on the ground and they do nothing.

  18. Guest-8395625462 says:

    Fix this that you can’t craft the 9 gold ingots into a lucky block. I’m on 1.16! I turn on Experimental Gameplay and I craft it, it didn’t work! AAAHHH! I’M SO ANGRY!

  19. Guest-4273190336 says:

    I went on survival and got 8 gold blocks and put them in and it didn’t work 🙁

  20. iiExotic says:

    Could you replace the drops and add the drops and structures from the pc mod?

  21. Guest-2302326445 says:

    Please Update The Basic Machinery Addon

  22. Guest-9692913839 says:

    how do you even get this? on pc?

  23. Does this work on 1.16?

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