Published on September 12, 2023 (Updated on December 04, 2023)

Lynx Deferred PBR Renderdragon(Deferred Rendering With PBR)(MCPE Shaders)(Not RTX)

Get Started: Dive into your customized Minecraft adventure today with Lynx Deferred PBR. Whether you're aiming for peak performance or breathtaking visuals, our deferred pack is your key to unlocking the Minecraft world of your dreams. Follow our simple installation instructions, take screenshots, and share your mesmerizing creations with the Minecraft community.

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Lynx Deferred PBR Changelog
Version 0.3.8
Date: December, 4, 2023

Added Volumetric Fog and Light Rays Biome Support For
 -bamboo jungle
 -cold ocean
 -cold taiga
 -deep cold ocean
 -dripstone caves
 -flower forest
 -ice plains
 -ice plains spikes
 -jungle edge
 -mangrove swamp
 -mega spruce taiga
 -mega taiga
 -sunflower plains
 -warm ocean 
Note: Hill and mutated versions of land biomes are also supported
-Nether and The End
 -basalt deltas
 -crimson forest
 -soulsand valley
 -warped forest
 -the end
Changed Volumetric Fog of
 -Cherry Grove
 -Dark Oak Forest/Roofed Forest
 -Birch Forest
 -Lush caves
 -Deep dark

The Volumetric Fog Changes are available under the Extreme Quality Mode
-Removed Scoriz Mode

Warning!!! Volumetric fogs and Light rays from Extreme Quality only work with Preview/Beta version and above.



Supported Minecraft versions


Installation Guides

Pinned comment
Pls go to the planet minecraft for the latest version and I cannot provide link in this comment as mcpedl remove links so this is a make shiftlink
This comment has been removed
I like the shader but I have only 5-9 FPS ToT
lol I play in 12-18 fps hopefully Mojang can optimize it more
can u add 1.20.0+ please 🥺
it's meant for beta so they cant
This looks like a really cool shader. Although even on the latest preview on the planet minecraft release it still doesnt work. My graphics card supports dx12 and I turned on the expirements. Can somebody help?
I can help but let me know if you still need help
join our server for help and feedback
https:// /4ubewMTH
remove spaces mcpedl blocks out links thats why
Needs patched mcpe and does it support mali?
what is best setting?
Quality if you use a computer, use Balanced if you use a mobile phone
Pls go to the planet minecraft for the latest version and I cannot provide link in this comment as mcpedl remove links so this is a make shiftlink
This comment has been removed
The proposal seems interesting but unfortunately my device (Huawei p20) has a good processor but not too much RAM (4GB) The shader does not work, in any of its configurations, when trying to run it the game closes.
Just to clarify, I am on version On android.
Sorry for the lack of information on my part
this is not your nor your device's fault
this is because there is a bug where shaders only work on certain phones
Minecraft and Mojang are fixing this issue
hopefully there well be a fix very soon
This happens because the deferred packages are not compatible with Mali GPUs. Mojang will soon solve this. Remember that this deferred option is a beta. By the way, a very good package, 5 stars, greetings :D
thank you for your feedback and you are right mali GPUs are not compatible
and it is a bug mojang fixing
also don't forget to catch up there is a big update coming soon
yo bro just dropped and they fixed errors for some devices not being able to use shaders try updating the preview and let me know if it works
isn't working
You need to be on bedrock preview
If you are on PC, you need to have a dx12 capable GPU and you will need to turn on the deferred technical preview for creators in experimental features.

If you are on Android, you need to be on the latest beta and be on Android 9
If you are on Xbox you need to be on the latest preview.
If you have discord I can help you personally
can you get the beta on ios?
we can get preview on ios but shaders on ios are not supported for now