Published on March 31, 2024

Lynx Metallic Glass

This pack is designed to allow glass surfaces to accurately reflect the sky in a physically based rendering (PBR) system with deferred rendering. For the best results, be sure to enable this pack while using Lynx Deferred.

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Lynx Metallic Glass

This Pack Aims To Make Glass Reflect Sky Deferred PBR, Use with Lynx Deferred while this pack is on top.

Version 0.0.1

Added sky reflections for

Glass and Glass pane,

Colored Glass and Colored Glass panes

Tinted Glass

Lynx Metallic Glass

Version 0.0.2

Added A Non-Mirror Style Glass Mode in Resource pack settings

Which has Low Reflections but more accurate to real life

Fixed Black and Light Blue Glass pane having their top parts invisible


Supported Minecraft versions


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It looks good, but why do the two modes work the same?