Published on March 07, 2024 (Updated on July 09, 2024)

M&L Smartphone (TruckStore-Update)

Make your smartphone in-game to control the weather and time of day, play music, and even teleport to your home. The smartphone allows you to set your spawn point at your house; when you feel like it you can click on the app and teleport there whenever you want. This smartphone also lets you view the amount of money in your bank account on your phone, teleport to your friends, and more. Keep reading and scrolling to learn all of the cool features this phone allows you to do. All add-ons work on realmsPlease leave any suggestions down below!*Important redistribution, Modification of code, or posting of the addon without using my links is strictly prohibited. Please do not do so. YOU NEED BOTH RESOURCE AND BEHAVIOR PACKS FOR THIS PACK TO WORK PROPERLY ON YOUR GAME. 

Select version for changelog:


-added images for a pack

-added app descriptions

-added video to showcase addon

-fixed apps

-updated cover image and enhanced quality

-added shopping apps

-Changed app icons and desighn

-Added Titles on app pages to display each section

-Fixed PHone not working with 1.20.72 Update 

-Changed Phone Graphics and made them better textured

-Added titles to each app for subsections

-Added Withdraw App To withdraw money

-Updated Verification File For mobile app downloads

-Added hat store app and fastfood app



-Added Shop Balancing so prices wouldn't be too high or low

-Added titles per app to say where you are on the phone 

-Fixed app layout and made them fit inside of phone background and style

-Added Furniture items to the store for players to use and purchase

-Added Appstore App to download apps to phone

-Added Settings app to control features on phone

-Added Admin App to control features for players.

-Fixed Download Links

-Fixed Apps

-Added Battery function

-added new stores

-added new textures to the apps 

-added how to download video to fix stupid coments on this doesnt work due to them not being smart











Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

please use lootlink instead of trashy boostellar
Great mod, sh*t links. Why does everyone use boostellar, instead of an actual file?
i hate boostellar too, why cant they js use lootlink
First smart phone to ever exist in minecraft LOL
I would love to use this but the phone doesn’t work for me. It says click to use and doesn’t do anything.
I updated the addon and now every time I load my worlds a bunch of errors happen yet loads fine, here is the Creator Log file keep in mind I did use it in conjunction with other addons and they only started getting errors after I updated as well.!ApYGmwqtos0ig5FJvN4_qxwfwNxJxg?e=oCj2Yq
Hello dev! I have a feature I really want to see added to this addon that is, waypoints and a home system. That would really make it a great addition to any server or solo world. Thanks and keep up the good work!
direct download link from mcpedl for all you addon
i really want them (:
i love your addons plz make it
join the discord or download the main to downloads from the above links smartphone bp and smartphone rp
Pls Fix Bug and Fix A Phone For A Smartphone Is Work And Usefull
Theres nothing wrong with the addon you must be doing something wrong. I installed it ok yesterday using the above download and it worked please refer to this video it will show you how to install them properly
How To Download Minecraft Addon's On Mcped. Download Link In description.
o link pls fix
idk if I did something wrong but it won’t open, the phone doesn’t work at all.
make sure all the cheats are enabled and that u have the most recent version of minecraft and you need both resource pack and bp pack for it to work
Me too :(