Magnificent Biomes Add-on

«Magnificent Biomes» improves the appearance of biomes. Familiar vanilla biomes have gained a new look, color and atmosphere. Look at it from the best side.

Survival with friends in a new world!

Look at a new and familiar world. The same trees, the same biomes, but much brighter. New landscapes and sounds. Dynamic vanilla trees.

Creator: _marcjones_ (Twitter Account)

How does it work?

«Magnificent Biomes» modifies the vanilla biomes, complementing them with new features. New biomes, mobs, structures, trees and more…

Look at this.




Cherry Blossom Grove

Temperate Rainforest

Temperate Rainforest Hills

Dense Forest



Pumpkin Patch

Gravel Beach



Biomes: Cherry Blossom Grove, Flower, Mega Taiga, Plains, Pumpkin Patch, Sunflower plains, Swampland.


Biomes: Mega taiga, Swampland.


Biomes: Bamboo Jungles, Birch Forest, Brushland, Dense Forest, Forest, Jungles, Roofed Forest, Taiga, Temperate Rainforest.



Biomes: Birch Forest, Brushland, Dense forest, Flower forest, Forest, Highland, Plains, Pumpkin Patch, Sunflower plains, Swampland, Taiga.


Biomes: Taiga, Mountains with trees, Cold taiga.

Red Tower 

Biomes: Mesa.


Biomes: Jungle, Bamboo jungle.


Biomes: Alps foothills, Birch Forest, Brushland, Dense Forest, Forest hills.

Jungle Temple (custom)

Biomes: Temperate Rainforest.

Big Pumpkin

Biomes: Pumpkin Patch.


Snail Shell

Cherry berries


Bone meal from Snail shell

Known issues:

1. Android players!!!  Custom biomes do not work correctly on your devices (color of grass, foliage; water color, underwater fog; biome fog is not correct). So that you do not have problems with future updates of Magnificent Biomes and projects of other creators, vote for fixing this bug here (

2. Custom blocks are missing in creative inventory. This is a Minecraft bug.

Changelog View more


Build: v1.16-1.0.54, 04/11/20


!!!Bedrock 1.16 only!!!

[Windows 10/ Android/ Xbox]


- added Birds


- updated Cherry Blossom Grove biome

- added Temperate Rainforest biome

- added Temperate Rainforest hills biome

- added Dense Forest biome

- added Outback biome

- added Brushland biome

- added Highland biome

- added Pumpkin Patch biome

- fixed Birch forest generation [MagnificentBiomes_v1.16-1.0.47]

- grass color in the 'Sunflower plains' biome match to the 'Plains' biome

- foliage color in the 'Swampland mutated' biome match to the 'Swampland' biome


- added Sequoia tree

- updated Mega Spruce tree

- fixed incorrect 'super_birch_tree' generation


- added Big Pumpkin

- added Tower

- added custom Jungle Temple

- fixed Crypt generation


- updated "pink_cherry_blossoms_opaque" texture

- updated "pink_cherry_blossoms_alpha" texture

- updated "white_cherry_blossoms_opaque" texture

- updated "white_cherry_blossoms_alpha" texture

- updated "pink_cherry_blossoms" loot [new: "pink cherry blossoms" block; cherry berries]

- updated "white_cherry_blossoms" loot [new: "white cherry blossoms" block; cherry berries]


- renamed resource components¹

- texture "pink_cherry_blossoms" renamed to "pink_cherry_blossoms_opaque"

- texture "white_cherry_blossoms" renamed to "white_cherry_blossoms_opaque"

- textures now use the default "MagnificentBiomesR" resource pack instead of "vanilla"

- features schemas updated to the current version

- opaque blocks do not use the alpha components

- particles use HEX color value instead of RGB

- updated water transparency value [0.60 --> 0.62]


- "Texture.default" --> "Texture.MagnificentBiomesTexture" for custom entities

- "Material.default" --> "Material.MagnificentBiomesMaterial" for custom entities

- "Geometry.default" --> "Geometry.MagnificentBiomesGeo" for custom entities

- "Texture.[texture_name]" --> "Texture.MagnificentBiomes[TextureName]" for custom entities

Players who have the alpha version of the Magnificent Biomes update: delete the alpha version before installing this update.


Build: v1.16-1.0.47, 03/28/2020 (hotfix update)



- fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay


- added 'Gravel Beach' biome 

- updated mountains (minor changes)

- updated forest (minor changes)

- fixed biome fog in the cherry blossom grove (found on Windows 10)

- fixed swamp noise (biome height)

- alps can no longer be generated in mega taiga (as a sub-biome)

- fixed rarity of mega taiga

- fixed rarity of cherry blossom grove

- fixed rarity of mountains

- water lilies are generated in a cherry blossom grove

- butterflies spawn correctly in overworld

- removed 'extreme_hills_plus_trees_snowy' biome 


- fixed translate of Pink cherry blossoms

- fixed translate of White cherry blossoms

- added zh_cn translation

- added es_es translation

- added pt_pt translation


- fixed sound of the underwater ambience


- white cherry leaves renamed to white cherry blossoms [magnificentbiomes:white_cherry_leaves --> magnificentbiomes:white_cherry_blossoms]

- pink cherry leaves renamed to pink cherry blossoms [magnificentbiomes:pink_cherry_leaves -> magnificentbiomes:pink_cherry_blossoms]


- pink cherry blossoms are now displayed in the hand/inventory correctly

- white cherry blossom are now displayed in the hand/inventory correctly


- fixed butterfly model (left wing)


- fixed rarity of camps

- camps no longer removes nearby blocks


- oak trees now has a more vanilla look


- updated pack icon (minor tweaks)


Build: v1.16-1.0.39, 03/20/19


Bedrock 1.16 only! 


- improved cloud rendering (Android/IOS/Nintendo)

- updated Snail model

- foliage of spruce and birch changes color depending on the biome

- saplings have the texture of seeds in the inventory

- jungle foliage texture is opaque (Windows/Xbox/PS)


- biomes use the vanilla value of the height (to match non-updated biomes)

Biomes fog:

- updated vanilla fog (to match Java Edition)

- added colored fog in biomes (swampland, roofed forest, mushroom island, mega taiga, desert, bamboo jungle, savanna, mesa, cherry blossom grove)

World Generation:

- updated alps

- updated bamboo forest

- updated birch forest

- updated snowy taiga

- updated mountains

- updated forest

- updated plains

- updated jungle

- updated mega taiga

- updated mesa

- updated roofed forest

- updated savannah

- updated swamplands

- updated taiga

- added cherry grove


- added crypt

- added red tower

- added camps

- added wells

Other features:

- dynamic vanilla trees (birch tree, oak tree, roofed tree, spruce tree, mangrove)

- updated houstonia texture

- updated blue orchid texture


- added spruce bushes

- added oak bushes

- added acacia bushes

- added white cherry tree

- added pink cherry tree


- added butterflies 

- creepers are avoid water

- creepers die from water


- updated particle "minecraft:basic_bubble_particle"

- updated particle "minecraft:water_drip_particle"

- updated ash textures


- added custom sounds of the underwater ambience


- added snail shell

- added cherry berries


- added 'bone meal from snail shell' recipe


- the snail shell can be caught in an open reservoir


- a reed is generated in a river biome


- water color in biomes is fully match Java Edition

- updated water color in Soulsand Valley and Warped forest biomes

User Interface:

- updated cross hair texture


- updated pack icon

- updated Manifest version

- updated biomes schemas

Update v1.14- (22/12/2019)


• removed all content of the previous version of the addon


• added Snowy Forest

• added Alps

• added Stone River

• added Cave Snail

• added Mushroom Villagers

• added graphics enhancement settings (Video --> Optifine)

• added added Acacia, Spruce and Oak Bushes

• added Redwood Tree

• added Camps

• added Big Cacti

• updated Taiga

• updated Mega Taiga

• updated Snowy Taiga

• updated Plains

• updated Savannah

• updated Jungles

• updated Forest Hills

• updated Birch Forest Hills

• updated Mountains


• removed HUD circle (Touch devices)

• removed fog on the fancy graphic

• other technical changes

bug fixes

Update v1.0.0 (04/21/2019):

• bugs fixed

• more biomes added

• fixed conflict with vanilla biomes


• Download Magnificent Biomes Add-On on your device;

• Import the packs into the game;

• Select up a resource pack (Magnificent Biomes Resources) and behavior pack (Magnificent Biomes Behavior) when creating the world;

• Enable experimental gameplay;

• Create World!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 (beta)

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141 Responses

4.22 / 5 (67 votes)
  1. Farfadox says:

    oie tu addon es muy bueno pero para que sirve Fly UI???

  2. Guest-4848319458 says:


  3. CubeMasterIR says:

    I don’t really know why mcpedl even accepted this add-on. it has so many problems! You put the behavior and resources pack into one folder then made it .mcpack? you really think that would work?
    also When i try to import them manually it still won’t import. I had to change UUIDs to have this add on. it took about 20 mins for me to install this.

    • Editor says:

      Please use the rating feature to rate the content. How something is packaged hasn’t anything to do with the in-game experience.

      / Admin

  4. Guest-6244741145 says:

    Can I download it on mobile? Because I tried and it didn’t work

  5. Guest-9573648011 says:

    the Cherry Blossom Grove biome in version is showing only the trunk of the trees, the leaves are gone

  6. Guest-8926876633 says:

    How to teleport to Biome

  7. Guest-2219402982 says:

    sooo the new nether snapshot on the beta program broke the cherry leaves from the cherry blossom biome

  8. Guest-4934289488 says:

    Looks like an amazing biome addon though I was wondering if there was anyway to make the cherry blossom trees leaves to look more like vanilla leaves and possibly even animated. All in all though I can’t wait for 1.16 to use it!

    • Guest-5546787171 says:

      youre gonna be. once. new version comes out this guy takes this one down and goes to the next beta. ive never been able to use his addons.

  9. _marcjones_ says:

    WARNING!!! The latest update of Magnificent Biomes ‘v1.16-1.0.54’ will not work in Bedrock Beta and higher. As soon as the problems are fixed, an update of Magnificent Biomes ‘v1.16-1.0.6[X]’ will be released.

  10. Guest-9447199400 says:

    While the mod was good, when i use it, the shader won’t work

  11. Guest-9744153570 says:

    I can’t really play the addon cause stuck on 1.14, but on looks alone it is definitely a way to spice up a playthrough without absolutely drastic changes
    I would love it if Cherry Blossom Trees could have particle effects of flowers/leaves[?] falling
    though I don’t it’s possible and would probably lag games
    Still, great addon.

  12. Guest-1646135509 says:

    Can u add link for version 1.14 please?

  13. Guest-7959633271 says:

    I won’t port i thing manafist.json is not correct fix it

  14. Guest-3190195778 says:

    LOVE IT. with the coding potential I see in you i beg you make a hlsl shader for win10

  15. Guest-4614962526 says:

    This is like a BoP version for bedrock edition, Thanks!

  16. Guest-2466542902 says:

    Honestly the best biome add on for Minecraft, really well done and I can see a lot of effort has been put into it. Really spices up the gameplay

  17. Guest-6525681383 says:

    Can you plz make it for ios

    • Jmn137 says:

      The addon utilizes features that are only available in 1.16. This means it cannot be ported onto 1.14 whatsoever. For now just wait patiently for the nether update in order to be able to access this addon

  18. Guest-8704660507 says:

    One Critisism:
    Try and change the Cherry Tree texture to something that looks more like vanilla minecraft leaves

  19. Guest-7405269723 says:

    this addon is outdated.Fix it.

  20. acommand says:

    This link won’t work. Please use mediafire.

  21. Guest-2246004259 says:

    I just have some opinions:

    1. I think the swampland should be a lil bit foggy and darker just like in Minecraft Story Mode.

    2. You should definitely change the texture and appearance of Cherry Leaves, it is too solid and not looked as much of a leaf but a block.

    3. I hope in the new update of this add-on please add certain items on the Creative Mode so players like as can use them in our construction and builds

    4. The 2 mobs (Butterfly and Snail) should have an accurate size of 1-meter like a block, like the size of a Bee in Minecraft.

    5. Just improve it a bit because it is already nice but make it much nicer and good. I really appreciate your add-on.

  22. Guest-7723590303 says:

    I just have some opinions:

    1. I think the swampland should be a lil bit foggy and darker just like in Minecraft Story Mode.

    2. You should definitely change the texture and appearance of Cherry Leaves, it is too solid and not looked as much of a leaf but a block.

    3. I hope in the new update of this add-on please add certain items on the Creative Mode so players like as can use them in our construction and builds

    4. Just improve it a bit because it is already nice but make it much nicer and good.

  23. Guest-3441358652 says:

    dos not work for 1.14.30…..

  24. Guest-7291829418 says:

    When I launch it on Minecraft it says download failed. My iPad is on the latest update so I don’t know what’s wrong with it

  25. Guest-7162201790 says:

    Hope to add more tropical ecosystems.

  26. Guest-1088752251 says:

    This looks great, but I have a problem. When I try to open the download link it says “this site can’t provide a secure connection.” If anyone has a fix it would be greatly appreciated.

  27. Guest-9822047853 says:

    Still it doesn’t work 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬.Again really cool 😎 addon.

  28. Jmn137 says:

    could a picture be provided for the Gravel Beach? Also, why were the oak trees reverted to vanilla? I actually quite liked the change.

  29. Jmn137 says:

    Hey! Love the addon. However could a picture be provided for the Gravel Beach? Also, why were the oak trees reverted to vanilla? I actually quite liked the change.

  30. Guest-6355100006 says:

    Hey, do you think it’s possible to tweak the cherry blossom leaves texture to be more “open” or “see through” like the normal minecraft leaves? It just looks like a really pretty wool block.

  31. Beam006 says:

    Add frogs to swamp plz

  32. Guest-2378155813 says:

    Is the link broken? It says Error 404

  33. Guest-3282746494 says:

    I cant download it., Can u make it as media fire download link?

  34. Guest-1170669039 says:

    Will tou make It to 1.14.30?

  35. Guest-1784406490 says:

    Es un muy buen complemento pero cuando entró al mundo me sale una barra gigante diciendo error generacion de mundo cada vez que jenero chunks, ¿me podrías decir como arreglarlo?

  36. Guest-2994163846 says:

    the only negative is the texture of the cherry leaves, it is too dense and monotonous. It seems to be a solid block and not foliage.

  37. Guest-9344706586 says:

    can you make it a .mcaddon
    one drive dont work

  38. Guest-9344178442 says:

    May I ask a seed for the cherry blossom groove?

  39. Guest-6570428471 says:

    Marc, please add the Cherry leaves in creative mode so we can use them in our builds, please!

  40. Guest-5986615583 says:

    Does it work on,
    Minecraft 1.16 Is Littile bit buggy

  41. Guest-2734311617 says:

    Can you not make the next update for Beta. Make it for the current version of the game. Since Minecraft is currently in v1.14.30 a lot of people get the “failed to import” error, including me.

  42. Chungui23 says:

    Would you fix the download, it says failed to import.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Downloading the addon to Minecraft, is says failed to import, would you fix this.

  44. Guest-1224709134 says:

    When it loads into Minecraft it says there is a error, probably it’s because of custom sky’s but still really cool 😎 addon.

  45. spammy says:

    the file is broken. when i try to open it, it simply shows an error saying “Unable to open file.”

  46. mew says:

    Unable to jump to the download screen!

  47. Anonymous says:

    Can you please make the option to download two separate resource and behavior pack downloads to make it iOS 13 friendly?

  48. Malmukean Borneo says:

    Can I get a unmodified version of those biome json files? Because I wanna make my own addons like infinite jungle or whatever.

  49. Jan says:

    I adore it, it is beautiful, but unfortunately it has several failures in the generation of trees and camps, without these failures it would be a perfect addon

  50. LucianCamble says:

    Your Redwood tree is soo bugy. They spawn literally everywhere

  51. ChiRay4820 says:

    Well,the “camp” structure’s wool seems floating in the sky!

  52. Anonymous says:

    Uhhh, can you make two versions, one that is the old one that adds new stuff, and the new one that revamps the world gen plz? I prefer the old one better tbh

  53. DuhVirus says:

    This is an amazing addon!!! but would it be possible to iron out the new structure generation so trees and camps dont spawn in water?

  54. Brexit Box says:

    So personally I really like this addon, but how did you make it? I’m asking since I’ve been trying to make a nether biome mod and have found nothing online.

    • EGP Pupper says:

      It’s says not a compatible zip file when it’s imported. How do I fix this?

      • thetrueminecrafter says:

        install EX file manager , then go into it go to downloads then keep pressed
        click on rename delet the mcaddon word (be careful dont delete the point)
        write zip and then you can extract the file

  55. rhoyel says:

    I didnt find more biomes
    I only find plains with tall grass and stone plains
    my version is 1.13
    can you make this addon comfortable for 1.13?

  56. Orlando019 xm says:

    Hey I have an idea PLS MAKE 1.13 COMPATIBLE

  57. verdant says:

    Hey!, the biomes are REALLY good for being an bedrock content creator, I have an petition, can you make a world generator than improves the vanilla biomes but not adding new blocks? for example: bigger and realistic mountains, realistic forest and in a few words, a more realistic world generation!

  58. Anonymous says:

    THANK YOU sooo much for having the download go strait to the download page, and to adfly or crap like that.
    Honestly, it helps a lot.

  59. Pclover says:

    Fix bug following village grass

  60. Drake says:

    Hey,I really like the magnificent biomes addon so I want you to create a biomes o plenty too.

  61. Anonymous says:

    I really like the magnificent biomes so I want you to create the biomes o plenty.

  62. Anonymous says:

    Hey,I really like the magnificent biomes addon so I want you to create a biomes o plenty too.

  63. Chungui23 says:

    Can you please make more addons creator

  64. Anonymous says:

    Everything works except the volcano island, it might just be me but the basalt blocks were grass in savanna colors instead. Although It could just be compatibility issue since I was using it with Moremod and Expansions+

  65. FireDragonIII says:

    Oh my gosh. I just updated Minecraft and saw the biomes! Seeing this I know my other mods for experimental gameplay will (hopefully) work because you’re mod was the first I saw to actually work. My dreams of having a modpack has come true!!!!!

  66. Mr.R3Dc0de says:


  67. Kyle says:

    Hey I really really love your volcanic biome but I have had trouble finding it in my game could u pls get me a seed and tell me the cords to find it

  68. Hey wow;

    This addon is a really good tempalte bacause I want to make more custom biomes by myself 🙂

    And btw. Your biomes look very amazing 😀
    Nice job

  69. Soggyandroid says:

    Hopefully soon custom trees?

  70. Skeppy says:

    Is this compatible with iOS Bedrock? With experimental features on of course.

  71. Abyssalcraft says:

    Can you make a wasteland biome? That will be nice xD

  72. Rextome says:

    Hey, it’s really hard to find the biomes included in this pack! All I find is vanilla biomes!
    I have experimental gameplay enabled and I’m not getting any of the items.

    • _marcjones_ says:

      Hello Rextome,
       Thanks for the feedback! Finding new biomes in this pack is now really hard. This issue will be resolved in the next update, where all vanilla biomes will undergo changes. You can get new items from new blocks or with the command /give @s magnificentbiomes:[item_name]


  73. Anonymous says:

    Can you add a dead forest biome savanna jungle biome .far lands biome where every thing is really high and a jungle swamp biome

  74. Anonymous says:

    Where are the mobs

  75. Prince says:

    I think in the future updates you should remove some of the biomes because its not really good maybe replace them with some magic biome or something and add more custom items and blocks its just my opinion!!!

  76. GHASTLY GHAST says:

    On OPPO device this can works??
    I mean no crashes and lags

  77. Lance louie says:

    It keeps crashing i’m on Xbox one here,

  78. Corru says:

    It still bug when step on the block. Thanks

  79. Corru says:

    It still bug when on the block

  80. Kessler says:

    Esta bien preparado y dices k vas a poner más biomas ok k tal uno donde encuentres muchas cuevas y k en lo profundo de esas cuevas puedas encontrar ciertos minerales para hacer mejores espadas o mejores armaduras y no se algún enemigo que aparezca en esas cuevas como un zombie de piedra o cualquier cosa estaría bien algo k no sea fácil de vencer k sea una sona para ir preparado y una buena recompensa por ir

    No se k te parese mi idea aver si los complementas

  81. Dylan says:

    Can you fix the bug where all blocks make you move extremely fast on top of them?

  82. TheLonelyPlagueDoctor says:

    I’m on Xbox and my world that I put the addon on keeps crashing I put on experimental gameplay and I’m in the beta is there a way to fix this or can you update it so it won’t crash

    • _marcjones_ says:

      Thanks for your feedback! This bug should be fixed in the next update. Follow beta releases of Magnificent Biomes to twitter.

      • SurvivorMCPE says:

        Ummm…._marcjones_please fix this bug I found a villlage and then I saw the Houses Floating and the new Blocks that you added when you stand on it it will make you incredibly crazy fast so I hope you will fix that soon because Im really really inpressed at your Script/Addon I love it because it makes MCPE/MCBE more like Java Edition Im really impressed so keep up the good work and please fix the bug:)

  83. Elite says:

    Hey I’m on Xbox. And most addons normally work except this one. My game keeps crashing when I try to load up a world with this addon. My comments I think are not working this is the third time I’ve tried.

  84. Elite says:

    Hey so I’m on Xbox and most addons normally work but this one keeps crashing my game. Could you possibly update it so I’m able to play

  85. Cyclosword says:

    This looks amazing

  86. Cubey says:

    Thank you for sharing your creation! I will do a review on it right now !

  87. Bodega says:

    Is this compatible with mods like Amplified Bedrock?

  88. Lucaslg7 says:

    Nice! 🙂

  89. Dante says:

    does this work in already existing worlds?

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