MC Bedrock Structure Addon V 4.5 (End Update) +OP Loot

Tired of the vanilla structures in Minecraft and you want something different in your Minecraft? means you are in the right addon this addon is called MC BEDROCK Structures Addon it adds more than 55 new structures to Minecraft that you can search and find in the outside world this addon is back with updates and added more new structures than before and I have added structures on bottom dimension if you are interested in this addon please click on download button and try this addon now and don't forget to give 5 stars if you think this addon is good

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Changelog Version 4.5

  • Add New Structure The End
  • Add Ender House
  • Add Fountain End
  • Add Temple end
  • Add Ruins Temple End
  • Add End Statue
  • Add Mangrove Ruins House
  • Add Mangrove House
  • Add Ancient Mangrove Pool
  • Add Ice House
  • Add Frozen Dungeon
  • Add Forest Dungeon
  • Add Aether Portal
  • Add structure Back to overwolrd portal
  • Add New Mobs
  • Add Swamp Crab 
  • Add Fox 
  • Add Zombie Swamp
  • Add Zombie Mangrove Swamp
  • Add Rhino
  • Add ancient golem
  • Add sea monsters
  • Add Plankton
  • Add angelas Fish
  • Add Lady Bug
  • Add Butterfly
  • Add Structure Ocean Temple Ruins
  • Add Capybara(Mas Broo?) 
  • Add New Link Download
  • Add Tutorial Download
  • Add Link All Version Download
  • Fix Bug(Structure) 
  • Add Balzebufo


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Guys its not a scam so to download it u need to copy then paste the text it will allowed u to a website then wait for 2 step to download it then u have it
the structures are way too close to each other and the fact that their loot are EXTREMELY OP makes u basically start the game w enchanted diamond armor and nethwrite tools just by going to 1 or 2 structures, it justs make the player have no challenges at all, rlly boring
Haaayy, please make a version with only structures, separate from the version with structures + mobs please!!! :D
Cool structures, they are way too frequent, they have structure blocks within them so it ruins it also barrier blocks that u csnt remove on survival
Check Video Trailer For Download Addons
guys its not a scam so why no download link? That's because Mcpedl experienced a bug/down for 2 weeks or more and I've also experienced that the shipment I made moved to someone else
So this is a direct mcpedl bug and I probably won't make any more posts because of this incident
Link Addons:
Hey scammer, you forgot to include your fake scamvertise link. Lmao Pathetic.
Bro you’re the pathetic one this is mcpedls fault they are purely money hungry and don’t care about creators so they don’t fix huge problems and this is one of them, so no he’s not a scammer bud
I can’t seem to find the download button
Oy bro linknya mana kok gk ada 🗿
Wkwkkw Sorry Bro Mcpedl Bug
Link addon Ada disini:
When i uploaded it, it failed to import with the mention it was not a proper zip file... Do i have to change anything?
Thank you!
Situs Anjing Bokep Gw upload addon ngak di terima asuuu
Nice Addons Bro
This map just looks amazing. I downloaded it a while ago and I use this as my main survival world. Good job and I hope more updates are coming.
Ocupa player.json? :/
Pirate house at beach are error, when i break any block in there, the block will stuck on air cant be obtained
please hide the structural blocks for it to be more natural. is the purple purple block used to create structure