Published on November 21, 2021 (Updated on November 19, 2021)

Mech Upgrade 0.5 (Beta)

Feel bored in minecraft? Try this addon that add some fun mech to ride. From tiny ocean explorer to big pillager ride, you can try it in this new addon

First of all mech is Dynamite Breaker. It the most standard of all mech but it has a feature that make-up for it lack of special feature

It healable using gunpowder, making it suitable for battle arena.

Secondly I have Coral Buster, which is specialised for underwater diving, making it easier for new aquifer in 1.18

It come with new type of gun, called Pufferfish Cannon.

Thirdly, I have the Power Jumper, which resembles rabbit in it ability. It can jump very high and the most agile out of all mech.

Unfortunately, It has a very low health compared to other mech.

Last but not least, is the behemoth Ravaging Machinery. It is controlled by an illager. If you manage to kill the pilot, you can try riding this great mech

It also has highest health out of all mech and has two seat

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*Added new photo.

*Player position fixes.

*New easier link.

*Various Bug fixes


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Sadly, yes because it has some new gun in it....
update please
99.9% the best addon there is. The look on my friends face when I piloted my player into the PVP arena in the Dynamite Breaker...priceless👍👍👍👍👍
This addon is amazing! I hope you will add more mech!
Great Addon! Can I use the ravaging machinery model for a mod I'm making? I'll give you credit.
Yes you can, sorry for the late response.
Thanks, I also have a suggestion. You could make an axolotl mech. It would be called the turbo gill. It would be 2x as fast in the water. It could go underwater and give the player water breathing, and when it takes damage, the mech would somehow stop enemy targeting, similar to the axolotl's playing dead defense mechanism.
You could solve the problem with buster coral is that it can't rise to the surface by swimming.
Can you make it so you can make thw mech punch? that would be cool exept for the power jumper just give it blasters or somthin good addon tho
very good mod but how do you use the pufferfish gun on the coral buster?
Is it possible to manufacture or just get the creative?
Perfect for a battle and to make any robot pet add-ons less lonely
Dude words can't describe how amazing this is. 3 claps for you 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
New mechs
Skele-tron mech
Health 30 hearts
Weapons:homing arrows shoots large homing arrows that deals 5 hearts each but isn’t very fast at reloading

Mech factory’s
I think instead of making mechs craftable you should make them findable by adding factories that have a chance of spawning a mech in them but only one and also other loot such as repair kits and maybe even enemy’s such as androids or drones that shoot rockets