MegaPlayers Function Pack

Do you want to become an overpowered player without typing those very, VERY long commands, or doing the long process of being one?

With this function pack, it will be much easier and faster to become a very god-like player.

I present to you, a function pack that will basically make you very overpowered super quickly.

This function makes you able to get your maxed out enchanted armor, weapons and tools much easier and much faster.

But that’s not all! There’s a plague command that effects entites with all debuffs (excluding Wither).

You can also burn the entities as well!

Or summon in a copy of a chunk around you into the air!

But guess what? Believe it or not, that’s STILL not all!

This picture shows all of the commands as in the 1.0.5 update.

It is playable on 1.10 beta, but it should be working for 1.8, but let me know you have problems with the pack working.

By the way, the shaders are not part of this pack and they aren’t mine. You can find it by clicking here. And the font is also not in my pack, but a part of a personal pack that I will NOT share.

Enjoy this function pack! Remember there will be more updates with more function commands.

Changelog View more

* What's New in 1.1?

+ /function fire_square

* Fixed some parse errors

* Megabow has Infinity instead of Mending

New update! [v1.0.5]

~ /function help actually works now! You CAN, however, still use the .txt file.

~ Fixed some typos in this page.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14 1.8 1.9

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34 Responses

3.6 / 5 (15 votes)
  1. Guest-1859110474 says:

    I have version 1.12.30 Minecraft education edition. Will that work?

  2. Guest-3821829594 says:


  3. Alice says:

    I’m on version 1.14.21 and tried blocklauncher and the normal way. It says it’s activated in my world but it’s not working. I also turned on experimental gameplay but it didn’t work

  4. Jorge segovia says:

    Everytime i download it, it doesn’t work, it worked before but not anymore now. Any help?

  5. Alex says:

    C:/Users/alexs/Downloads/MegaPlayer 1.0.5.mcaddon

    Unable to parse pack manifest with stack: * Line 16, Column 13
    Missing ‘,’ or ‘}’ in object declaration


  6. ShadeZinc46 says:

    I’m sure this would be a great pack, but all that shows up when I try to download it is a bunch of code!!!

  7. Weaboo says:

    How do i activate it?ps im not using block launcher and will never do,just a normal minecraft,i downloaded the mc addon but when i clicked it it failed,please response asap

  8. person says:

    What are all of the commands?

  9. Copycube Medium, Large & Extra Large are not working. I have experimental Gameplay enabled.

    On version

  10. Editor,
    Can you make a different section for addons and function packs. They are completely different; addons change the world while functions add some cheats.

  11. Tristan says:

    How do I get the function to work I type in /function kit and nothing happens

  12. One Spooky Lad says:

    Okay, this is pretty epic. But it hasn’t reached its full potential. All I wanna do now is walk through walls and stuff so I can be the spookiest lad in all the land. When I get the ability to do that, this function pack is guaranteed to have reached its full potential.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Well, only 2 functions actually work (the two least exciting), but at least they are
    probably the most exciting…

    (Flood and Copycube are the only two that I have working)

  14. Guys, you need experimental gameplay for the function pack to work.

    However, if it still isn’t working, please report.

  15. Guys, there seems to be a few problems with the behavior pack, there will be a fix soon..

  16. You da worst says:

    Ya know what? This does not work 100% literally does not work literally

  17. Hexaed says:

    The current ver is 1.0.5 but instead I see version 1.0.0 in the information panel. Besides, all the 1.0.5 feature doesn’t work for me.

  18. valentin700game says:

    this is not working on pe 🙁 help

  19. Anonymous says:

    Yhe i love it

  20. Kurtis says:

    Why does the help command do nothing??? Please help. Also add a list of the commands!!!

  21. Wit says:

    It would be nice to know how what the function commands are for the things you showed us

  22. Baldi the jester says:

    I call this mod without BlockLauncher

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