Published on April 27, 2023


This addon adds new armors that can be upgraded to the maximum, and be stronger than any armor in this game, to make these armors you need to find the two new ores (Which are not hard to find at all) the first ore is the ROUSE ore that with it you can make several strong weapons but not as much as the other ore that can be found in the Nether the AZULITE ore, although he doesn't have good durability he has great defense! Even better than netherite! and before I forget, there is another ore actually an evolution of netherite that is important to have because you can make META ore the strongest miner in the addon and more resistant, it has two evolutions, one of them being extremely strong and the other being just a small improvement but also very good.  


  • 1METAADDON_BP.mcaddon (213.6 KB)
  • 1METAADDON_RP.mcaddon (193.13 KB)

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