Published on December 21, 2022

Minecraft Bigfoot Add-On + Yeti

This Minecraft Add-On adds the Bigfoot a.k.a the Sasquatch. And to make the Add-On more expansive I added the Yeti a.k.a the Abominable Snowman More info below the main description.

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can you pls add the sounds for Bigfoot and yeti in july
in the next update I suggest that you put a morph of both mobs but with the damage and more life
Oooh cool. I think I’m gonna make one of this and use the goat model for my yeti if I feel like it
Great mod! I like how he runs faster than most mobs, yet not quite as fast as the player. I also like how he will actually keep chasing you for way longer than any other mob, it makes you feel like you're actually being hunted. I'd say all you have to do is add sound effects and maybe give him some kind of loot to drop when you kill him and this addon will be perfect. At first, I thought 600 health was a lot, but then I played with the addon and now I think it's pretty fair. It makes him reasonably tough to kill without being too easy or too hard, as well as making him scarier. It's a good balance of making him deadly, yet not impossible to kill.

Edit: After messing around with the addon more, I found that he can't swim at all. If you could make it so that he can swim in the next update that would also be appreciated. Sort of takes away from the experience when crossing a river is all you need to do to escape him.
Hahaha yeah bigfoot needs an update I'll work on it ❤️❤️