Published on November 10, 2022 (Updated on September 14, 2023)

Minecraft Creepypastas Skin Pack

All Minecraft creepypasta  skin pack for 1.19 .21+.If you need troll your friends with Minecraft Creepypastas, this skin pack is for you(: Change your skin to your favorite creepypasta. Herobrine, Alexrine, VoidHerobrine, Billy, Glitch, Giant Alex, Giant Steve, Giant Paradadox, ErRoR, Entity303, Glitched steve, Null, Farlander, Can'tsleep, Distorted Alex, Distorted ErRor, That thing, VLLR, Player3914785, Bloody Golem, Distorted steve, White enderman, Faceless villager...And more 


  • Virus(skin edited)
  • Experiment
  • Glowing eyes
  • Cursed man
  • Soul of brine
  • YOU

I'm thinking of adding the creepypastas from the cursed versions in the next update. And i edit Billy skin

  • Version 2 is out now! 150 skins added


  • Version 2.2! 75 skins are edited and 12 skins are added


  • Extra packs are updated! 5 extra packs are added.

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Billy skin edited

Bobby1545 skin edited

Brine skin edited

150 more skins added

Fixed certain bugs in skins

17 skins added

78 skins edited

Extrapacks ar updated. 6 skin pack is added.



add mark101 Creepypasta aka ARG WHY DO I HAVE TO TYPE 20 LINES. I DONT WANT TO. Pleas
What the... why is turkhis Minecraft legends in this skin pack BRUHHHH.... this will help me a lot ty (now l can troll my Friends easier)
Please ios extra pack please
Amazing 10/10
Hello everyone, first of all, thank you everyone for downloading my skin pack. I'm working on the new update, the new version will coming soon
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