Published on October 25, 2022 (Updated on November 06, 2022)

More Steve Skin Pack (V3 Update)

If you are tired of the Minecraft's original Steve, you can try this! Including Suit Steve, Vanilla Steve, Armored Steve, Modern Steve and more! I will keep updating this pack! Hope you like it (:

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  • Naruto Steve 
  • Steve in squid game
  • Steve afton
  • Mandolorian steve

Protective clothing Steve skin updated!

Christmas Steve skin is updated!

Supported Minecraft versions

Why is modern Steve white?
If you would be willing to, I have a steve skin i would like to give to you.
If you are really serious you can leave a mediafire link with the skin in the comment .I will gladly include it in my skin pack.
Está muy bueno pero le falta variedad eso de la cara de Steve podría tener más variedad