Published on November 20, 2022 (Updated on September 09, 2023)

Minecraft Essentials | 1.20.10+

This addon can make your Minecraft multiplayer / server / realms be better, because this addon will add Money System, Auction System, Home & Warp System, TPA System, and Combat System. You can trade item using Money. You can sethome, so you will not get lost. You can use TPA to teleport to other player. The addon is very customable.

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RELEASE v2.0.0

  • Minecraft Essentials now require Resource Packs.
  • Recoded some code.
  • Fixed Money bug.
  • Fixed ShopSetting and SellSetting bug.
  • Using new Database, some data will got reset.
  • Added Invsee command, you can check Player's Inventory and remove item from it.
  • Added Log and Auction command
  • Make Chest UI for Shop and Auction System.
  • Shop and Auction data now saves item metadata (Enchantments, Durability, Item inside Shulker, etc)
  • Fixed TPS command.
  • Make Configuration files more readable.
  • Add way to Sell item (All/Hand)
  • Change way to select Player (Then: !pay Player_Name 5, Now: !pay "Player Name" 5)
  • Add new setting "auctionSystem" to enable/disable Auction System.
  • Added Pre-made shop, type "!shopsetting preset".
  • Shop and Auction item limit is 1k, but you can change it in Configuration files.
  • Add Mute, Unmute, Message, and Reply command.
  • Add way to mute player by Mute command, Admin Panel, or "mute" tag.
  • Add new Setting "messageSystem". If disabled, Message and Reply command will disable.
  • Add new aliases for Teleport Command to make easier.
  • and More...

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The addon is updated in my discord!
Can you create a link that bypasses Discord? I'm using a school Chromebook.
Bro please update to 1.20.40
I am very need this
Bro, I want to join your discord server but your discord is full of other members and how can I enter your discord server?
This comment has been removed
Can you update it on MCPEDL? i am aware that it is on your web but i cannot use it.
Plss update it 1.20.30
Please update to 1.20.40✨
Please bro i really luv your work 🤗 please update to latest version 1.20.40 ✨
how to add group for the shop
!shopsetting group add. Join my discord to more information!
the !ban comment dont work so well when i ban a player he can join idk why
Its already fixed. Download the lastest version on my Web!
this is one of the best plugin ive seen can you ols add a enderchest see feture and pls update it to 1.20.30
Ender Chest is not possible yet. But its already support 1.20.30. Download the lastest version on my Web!
really good but how can i had stuff in the shop system and change the price and stuff would be a quite good try out for a personal world with friend and a bit of new stuff/command to do apart of that this is just so good
yooo wait since when did you have vip?
Great addon !!
it still isn’t letting me run the commands
Creator you got your discord chat community to share your addons ?