Minecraft Nether Update Concept Add-on (1.12/1.14+)

This add-on adding all features from the Nether Update from the new blocks, mobs, structures, trees and biomes it’s just testing the new update.             

Nether Update add-on features:

Biomes1: the red nether wart forest this red new biome it’s coming up on the next nether update, in this biome you can get new blocks the red wart netherrack and red wart logs and new trees with glow wart.

Biome2: blue nether wart forest this same to the red nether wart forest but now with blue colors and with same generation.

Biome3: the soul sand valley this biome is has own generation it’s have fossils and new blue fire with some spikes on the top really it’s scary biome! (the blue fire it’s actually the sea lantern I replaced him because on the in 1.14 beta the block shape on the custom blocks it’s not working).

All this biomes it’s spawning naturally on the nether.

Okay now we need to going to see the new mobs:

Mob1: the piglins it’s similar to zombie pigman but that it’s attack you without you hurt him and you can trade with him using gold nugget just throw them and it will giving you 1 or 2 emeralds and if you hold gold nugget it not will attack and it’s dropping beef and emerald the beef from hunting the hoglin it’s don’t like wither skeletons and the new next mob.

Okay let’s move to the next mob it’s the hoglin/piglin beast: this scary piggy mob it will attack you it’s similar to the pigs but much bigger, this too it’s don’t like the piglins.

The Grasses and Mushrooms:

Mushroom1: blue mushroom you can get them in the blue wart biome and you can eat them and it’s giving you night vision effect.

Mushroom2: fired mushroom this same to blue one but it’s spawning in the red biome and it’s give you fire resistance effect

Grass1: blue wart grass this you can get them in blue biome like the blue mushroom but it’s giving you jump boost effect.

Grass2: red wart grass like the blue one but it’s spawning in the red biome and it’s giving you speed effect.

Thank you and don’t forget to download the add-on the link is down.❤

Changelog View more

Chanted the piglin beast name to hoglin.

Chanted hoglin/piglin beast textures with model now it's much better than the old version.

Chanted hoglin/piglin beast loot drop now it's dropping beef and leather like the trailer.

Fixed the loot drops of blocks now it's working.

Thank you more features coming soon.❤

Added new trading system on the piglins.

Added new grasses on the biomes.

Now the mushrooms not replacing the original mushrooms now added new mushrooms.


After you download the add-on just open to your Minecraft add them to your world and it's done.😊


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14

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105 Responses

4.12 / 5 (67 votes)
  1. Guest-5075079263 says:

    Can they all have the real names from the java snapshots? Also wheres netherite? Also piglins dont attacks hoglins they only do when the piglins are hungry so can u add all that and then I’ll do a 5.

  2. User-2873824892 says:

    Добавьте пожалуйста “древние обломки” и все блоки и предметы которые связанные с ним. Ещё, измените текстуру “Hoglin” как на Java и улудшите генерацию “Багрового леса” и “Искажонного леса”, а также измените текстуру “Базальт” как на java. И добавьте лианы из “Багровый лес”.

  3. User-6886614964 says:

    I want netherite.

  4. User-3046804583 says:

    Fix hoglin head glitch on 1.13 and add netherite

  5. Qwerty says:

    Can You add the features that are in the snapshot 20w06a replacing the retextured sea lantern with real blue fire in soul soul and rename everything,pls?

  6. Thetigerking says:

    Can you add netherite and the blue and red wood

  7. polloYT YOUTUBE says:

    I liked the addon but you can make the hoglin and pligin move their ears and remodel the trees

  8. polloYT YOUTUBE says:


  9. polloYT YOUTUBE says:

    I installed this addon a few weeks ago and when I use it I only have 4 things the fungi of the nether and the Mountros and not the biomes someone helps me with this problem I have the version 1.14.20

  10. Michael Wilkinson says:

    needs the red vines and target block.

    id also really like to see things that weren’t shown off but presumably might be in the update such as things crafted from these new blocks and items.
    list of ideas include:
    -treating the red and blue nether wart trees as any other tree, with not only logs, but also wood (6 sided log), planks, slabs, stairs, doors, trap doors, fences, gates, signs, buttons, n boats, etc
    -red mossy cobblestone n red mossy stone brick (with stairs, walls, slabs, etc) made with the red vines and cobblestone or stone brick
    – blue nether brick (and stairs, walls, slabs, etc) made from blue nether wart n nether bricks

  11. Anonymous says:

    te gusta warfredone? XD

  12. ThisJobYT says:

    At least make the custom biomes in the nether spawn 10-25 blocks away from the nether portal.. When I try to explore these biomes myself, I can’t find them anywhere, let alone a single piglin or hoglin! I have experimental gameplay on and my render distance was at 8. Is something wrong with the Addon??

  13. Dark Cyber says:

    Amazing Addom and all but there are a few things missing.

    1) Piglins can also have crossbows as shown at minecon
    2) Piglins ignore you when you wear gold armour
    3) Baby hoglins
    4) Bastions; they are small fortifications built by Piglins
    5) Red Vines
    6) Target Block

  14. bigmom66 says:

    i wish this was a mod for java, along with other addons like this

  15. Hahahhahajakahaj says:

    What mcpe version does it supports?cause theres no biomes ganerated in the nether.Just a blue fire and 2 new mobs

  16. Notpro(noob) says:

    Can u tell me what mcpe version supports this cause im using 1.14 and i dont found any biomes in the nether .all i saw is a basic looking nether with blue fire and mushrooms. But the mob is working

  17. Alex says:

    Please fix the hoglin glitch. Its head is SHPER GLITCHED its 5 blocks away from its body.

  18. Geomatheo says:

    Can you fix the problem with the hoglin head, it just floats of his head

  19. aldreid says:

    Please you must make the trees more fungi than just the same as the tree in the overworked and the soul sand Valley block must renamed as “revented soul sand” and the soul root trees are must be the same from minecon

  20. Gamer120000D says:

    You could add the new red vines

  21. aldreid says:

    Please I want the trees look like in minecon and the pillars must look like in minecon and add some different kinds of fig and make the bones the same or fossils and make it more same than before and blue and red logs have it’s own texture in the up and downed

  22. Geomatheo says:

    How do you barter (trade) with the piglin?

  23. Blitz Wasp says:

    Everyone is asking “why are the biomes not spawning?” Well the biomes spawned on my world. You just need to wait about 20 minutes.

  24. ....... says:

    well the pinglingbeast had it’s head floating in front of it’s body 4blocks far, can u fix it because it looks bad with out it’s head on it’s body……

  25. BigClarky says:

    Shoutouts to modders and their quick work!

  26. Yg Hyder says:

    Make Hoglins breedable (Introducted adding baby Hoglins, is gonna looks like adult hoglins but smaller and with big head) and add bastions (Little piglin villager)

  27. So cool, thanks for made this addons,i like this addons 😍😄

  28. haziq.mohd.izuddin says:

    You must fix hoglin beast because when I on the Minecraft hoglin beast head broken you must fixed right now 😠😠😠😠😠

  29. Anonymous says:

    Hey, I’m having a bit of a problem with this pack. I’m playing on beta 1.14 on PC but the biomes won’t generate. I see the hoglins and piglins, the fire and mushrooms show up, but it’s all just the nether. Can you possibly fix this? Or am I just doing something wrong?

  30. AZ says:

    Biomes don’t generate at all

  31. Az says:

    Biomes doesn’t regenerate

  32. Geomatheo says:

    There Are Two Things Left to add:
    1. Piglin Bartering/rough trading (check mine con live)
    2. Add the Hoglins Sounds (Please?)
    Also why doesn’t the new blocks appear?

  33. Josesssj5 says:

    Hello, good addon, but when you plan to add the bastions? (in which the piglins are generated)
    add that the piglins do not attack the player when they wear gold armor or gold tools and also add a new type of exchange system for these piglins (also, the hoglins, have a great animation error, the head appears very far from the body), add a Spanish translation for the add-on (I can do it to you), I assure you that the add-on will be complete when you add those features, Greetings from Venezuela

  34. Demetrius Rodriguez says:

    How did you make the musroom im trying to make my own but can’t

  35. Paulo cesar says:


  36. HR826 says:

    Cool addon. What if you add Nether Fungi or Target block, and please add mushrooms that won’t replace regular mushrooms. Thanks

  37. RafatAR32DA says:

    All this biomes needs time to generate because it’s giving lag if he generating so fast I sorry for that but this to save your phone 😊😢❤

  38. BaldiTheJester says:

    New mcpe beta confirmed

  39. Anonymous says:

    Excelente complemento, te felicito😀

  40. Anonymous says:


  41. so cool says:

    do you need to download the Biomes or do you locate them

  42. Diego says:

    can you locate the biome’s

  43. Mie says:

    Can you trade with piglins?

  44. Me says:

    The biomes don’t generate

  45. Alex says:

    Could you make first mushrooms and blue mushrooms without replacing the normal nushrooms

  46. Blaze Power says:

    5 stars!

  47. Eratoz says:

    Do biome spawn naturally

  48. ThatFunnyGuy says:

    Can you make a version of this without the blue fire and mushrooms?

  49. Anonymous says:

    Could you make a version where it’s just the new Mobs?

  50. Mikail2009 says:

    Uhh, make the piglin beast how it’s supposed to look pls.

  51. biel says:

    Please make more updates of this addon.
    Its amazing
    I’m using it on 1.14
    I’m from Brazil

  52. Gabriel says:

    thanks for making this addon .. hugs from brazil

  53. Anonymous says:

    can you make a better foliage mod? where the leaves are falling kinda effect like the pc mods?

  54. unknown says:

    good job i can give you a tweak for 1.15 (because i have beta) foxes are coming

  55. LEO ORMOND says:


  56. TheChromeGamer says:


    • J says:

      How to spawn the new biomes the only blocks I’ve got are the Netherwart block, blue fire, spawners, mushrooms but any from that is gone

  57. Geomatheo says:

    This is the best addon I have ever seen that is a concept of the nether update! Also did you make the piglin beast model?

  58. ??? says:

    its amazing! maybe try to polish the mob designs a bit though

  59. Anonymous says:

    But the piglin beast need a better model but cool!

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