Minecraft Nether Update Concept Add-on (1.14 only) (Reupload)

This add-on adding all features from the Nether Update from new blocks, mobs, structures, trees and biomes. We really hope that you will enjoy this cool Nether Update add-on now!

Nether Update Add-on features.

The Biomes:

Crimson Forest:

Warped Forest:

Soul Sand Valley:

The generation of ancient:

You can find it under the nether like the other ores

The crafting recipes of ancient:

Then you can make the netherite by 4 netherite scrap and 4 gold ingot:

Also you can make tools and armors:

The tools:

How the armors work:

First you need the armors and craft them to get the armor block by this recipe:

To used you need to stand on the top of the armor block:

The mobs:


They attack the wither skeletons and hoglin.

Attack damage: 4

Health: 20

You can trade with him by giving gold thinks and they will give you random items:

The gold thinks you can trade with it to the piglin:

The items can give you the piglin from trading:

Zombified Piglins:

It’s zombie pigman but with new model and sounds.


They attack the piglins and player:

Attack damage: 4.5

Health: 20


Nether Gold Ore:

It’s gold spawn in the nether, you can smelt them with (Furnace and Blast Furnace).

Crying Obsidian:

This block allows you to set your spawn point anywhere by stand on it (it’s functional in the over world only!), the only ways to get it by trading with the piglins only.

Soul Fire Lantern and Soul Fire Torch:

Soul Fire Torch:

Soul Fire Lantern:

Recipes to allows you to survive in the nether:

You can craft cobblestone from the basalt (you can find the basalt from soul sand valley biome)

Also you can craft new planks from (Crimson Stem / Warped Stem)

Even you could craft normal planks from the (Crimson Planks / Warped Planks)

Credits and creators:


Name:  🐺LEGOSI🐺

Twitter: @legosi_wolf666

For the sounds from the pre last update.

Editor and improvise:


Name: “MCGaming (CEO of loneliness)”

Twitter: @ReadDaPin

Main Creator:

Name: RafatAr32

Twitter: Ar32Rafat

All upcoming features by “MCGaming (CEO of loneliness)”.

Thank you and don’t forget to download the add-on 😊❤

Changelog View more

All changelog by "MCGaming (CEO of loneliness)"

Twitter: @ReadDaPin

New changes


-Piglins now have 10 seconds before they attack their targets (unless when the target hits one of them)

-Piglins will now turn into zombie pigmen (Zombified Piglins) in the overworld in 15 seconds

-Added new variant of the Piglins called Archer Piglins they are fast and they use bows to attack their targets

-You can barter with Piglins using gold ingot

-There's a Random Chance that Piglins will spawn wearing gold armor.

-Zombified Piglins will not raise their arms anymore (unless they are angry)

-Added 2 new variants of the Zombified Piglins

-Crossbow Piglins and Piglin Archers only turn into Their Zombified Variant when they get killed by a Zoglin

-Added the missing animations like moving ears and bartering animation to make them similar to the 1.16 Beta Bedrock Piglins

-Piglins can back off I mean they run away from their target because they have attack cool down

-Added Piglin Patrols


-Added the Zoglin

-Hoglins will now turn into Zoglins when they are in overworld within 15 seconds

-Added the original walking animations

-Baby hoglins Can now be ridden by 3 baby Piglins

- Hoglins will now run away from Piglins

-Added the Angry behavior for Piglins and hoglins

-Hoglins also have attack cool down like 15 seconds

New Mob added:

-Added the Strider

-Striders are mobs that can be ridden and they spawn in the lava lakes

-Control them using Carrot on a Stick (Warped Fungus on a Stick will be added in the bug fix update (v1.5.1) don't worry its a place holder

-Breed Striders by feeding them apples

-Striders must be saddled before u ride it

-The shivering behavior will never be added to Striders 

-Zombified Piglins can ride Striders

-U can boost the speed of your strider while on Lava

-Striders does not work like in the 1.16 beta but at least I added some possible features for them

-Added New Music Disc: Pigstep

replaces Disc 13

More features coming soon.

Bug fixes

Changed and improved the Piglins trading system

New blocks

Biomes spawning much faster

Textures much smaller to the java edition

Added Twisting Vines

Weeping Vines no longer fall on the ground

Added new sounds.

Added new models.

Added new blocks.

Changed all blocks name.

New behaviors.

Added new trading system on the piglins.

Added new grasses on the biomes.

Now the mushrooms not replacing the original mushrooms now added new mushrooms.

Chanted the piglin beast name to hoglin.

Chanted hoglin/piglin beast textures with model now it's much better than the old version.

Chanted hoglin/piglin beast loot drop now it's dropping beef and leather like the trailer.

Fixed the loot drops of blocks now it's working.

Thank you more features coming soon.❤


After you download the add-on just open to your Minecraft add them to your world and it's done.?


Supported Minecraft versions


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320 Responses

4.06 / 5 (143 votes)
  1. MariofanYT says:

    This addon was amazing before 1.16! Can you make a caves and cliffs addon like you made a nether update addon?

  2. Smallow says:

    There’s a problem with the mods there’s no biomes. I need help:(

  3. What addon maker are you using?

  4. Guest-9863277446 says:

    Forget pigstep my boi!

  5. Darklord_Bruh says:

    Hey… is there a min_engine_version specification in the packs manifest.json? Because I can’t run /function red or /function blue.

  6. Guest-1976175319 says:

    Dont hate this Pack and dont forget this is an AddOn not a Mod!

  7. Guest-1743872285 says:

    It’s all good apart from the tools they are so bad the Netherite pick axe is actually slower that a diamond pick pls fix

  8. Maxio1511 says:

    it only gives the nether update mobs (and the soul fire since its replaced with the sea lantern) thats why i rated it 3 stars

  9. Guest-7730122718 says:

    guys don’t worry 1.16 will come out maybe in a week likely

  10. Guest-7577824313 says:

    please send the mod becuse iv’e searching all of the websites

  11. Guest-1586345533 says:

    I tried mining stone with a Netherite pick and the stone did not drop. And you can’t enchant the swords Armor or tools… pls change this? It will help me out. And also. Change the size of the warped and crimson trees to look like the nether beta for bedrock or like java.

  12. Guest-1417194356 says:

    There is a small bug where one leg of a Zombified Piglin isn’t moving and ghasts won’t spawn in the nether.

  13. Guest-6261953068 says:

    Can you add basalt plains and piglen bastion pls i really want to see it other than that ITS AMAZING

  14. zeyverOps17 says:

    Can you add basalt deltas.. plsssss

  15. Guest-1271016890 says:

    Hey do you mind seeing if you can make pigs dance to the pigstep disk?

  16. Guest-4366495586 says:

    i love minecraft

  17. Guest-5922483031 says:

    Minecraft is a game and it is in the top 10 paid games and it is really worth it.

  18. Guest-5922483031 says:

    Minecraft is cool

  19. Guest-2951383283 says:

    I am a Ling Ling wannabe

  20. Guest-3104961848 says:


  21. Guest-1133649437 says:

    I love this addon so far but when i added it to my realm and i went in creative there was only the piglins zombie piglns hoglins and the crimson mushroom. also the lanterns were just normal zombie and skeleton heads. also i get a fire res and a normal res for infinite time whenever i put it on

  22. Guest-1571486942 says:

    So The only problems that I have are the biomes are super rare, like I looked for straight 6 mins of just flying around, looking for it, I even accidentally found a HUUUUGE nether fortress, but still no biomes, second, the crying obsidian and ancient debris, are basically non existent, I started with a diamond pickaxe just to find it with efficiency 5, unbreaking 3, and fortune 3, and I ended with a pickaxe with half durability, and an inventory full of netherack, yet not a single block of ancient debris. But overall this is a pretty good addon.

  23. Guest-1571486942 says:

    So The only problems that I have are the biomes are super rare, like I looked for straight 6 mins of just flying around, looking for it, I even accidentally found a HUUUUGE nether fortress, but still no biomes, second, the crying obsidian and ancient debris, are basically non existent, I started with a diamond pickaxe just to find it with efficiency 5, unbreaking 3, and fortune 3, and I ended with a pickaxe with half durability, and an inventory full of netherack, yet not a single block of ancient debris.

  24. Guest-4458513523 says:

    So can you fix the problem of zoglin
    every time i spawn a zoglin the control button and pause button and chat button disappear

  25. Guest-6269496140 says:

    I hate it
    when i spawn a zoglin all control button and pause button and chat button disappeared

  26. Guest-6269496140 says:

    I hate it!
    when i spawn a zoglin all control button and pause button and chat button disappeared

  27. LightningCraft says:

    Add the basalt place D:<

  28. Guest-9060343379 says:

    You should change the “Trade” to “Barter”

  29. Guest-5110398818 says:

    i cant find the biomes or ancient debris. i havent been looking much though…..

  30. Guest-3014802250 says:

    A pretty cool addon! Since i’m a iOS player that doesn’t have the beta, this addon really helped me out.
    But there one thing that i would recommend to improve:
    1 Make the biomes spawn naturally. It was hard to repeatedly use the /function command to change blocks.

  31. Guest-3496622878 says:

    First of all netherite Sword is powerles then diamond one and we can only bartender using gold ingots (other gold items does not work) also only piglings with swords can bartender other can not.also the addon removes ghasts or makes them span too rare can you make ‘em more common and solu fire torch Recipe makes Zombie head not soul fire touch the last thing İ want to say is striders does not spawn naturally.
    İ think this is all except these addon is really nice but these bugs annoyed me while playing and needs to be fixed

  32. Guest-8074684448 says:

    I download this addon but i can,t use this addon so i don,t know why.

  33. Guest-5961009049 says:

    this is a great addon. i’m on windows 10 but i don’t know how to get the beta so this is perfict. you should add for the striders a warped fungus on a stick.

  34. Guest-9830607109 says:

    This addon is really nice. Although, I think you should add more things from the snapshots of the nether update. For all the people who are complaining about the fact that it doesn’t work, just watch the tutorial in YouTube, not that hard to do.

  35. Guest-6895664976 says:

    I gotta say, you did a really nice job at replicating the features of 1.16 for this addon, you pretty much got almost everything perfect. I want to suggest something though, if it’s possible for you to do. If you haven’t added the piglin bastions yet, would it be possible for you to make it another naturally generated structure, since it’s another one of the main features of 1.16? I know it’s probably hard, but I just wanted to suggest it, Incase if it’s possible for you to do it.

  36. Guest-2461620123 says:

    There’s already a beta containing most of these features
    I don’t get why is this reuploaded

    • Guest-4347211970 says:

      I think it’s for people that can’t get the beta, such as iOS users. And I am an iOS user, so this addon is pretty good for anyone that can’t get the beta on iOS.

  37. Guest-8097688669 says:

    Plsssss add zoglin

  38. The armour block is way too laggy. When I step into the armour block, it put the Netherite armour on me but also gave me just one status effect that literally lags my device! Creator, is that really necessary?! ???

  39. Guest-1549510430 says:


  40. Guest-4487875624 says:

    Please repair the file!! Its imposible to download. Thanks

  41. Guest-1116980967 says:

    It also says it is not a valid zip

  42. Guest-2424983855 says:

    This is s**t it does not work at all and the file is totally empty you’re a b***h

  43. Guest-1823717163 says:

    It’s saying not zip archive I guess I download another one ?

  44. MinecraftMaster99 says:

    plss fix the netherite tools & armor

    • Guest-9137188483 says:

      It doesn’t even work you would have had to hack it in order for it to work

    • LightningCraft_YT says:

      Things that you forgot for the minecraft 1.16 concept
      1# add a zoglin which is a zombified hoglin
      2# add the strider mobs
      3# make a spawner anchor
      4# don’t forgot the baby hoglin/piglins!
      5# make the crimson and warped forest trees need to be bigger than just 1 design
      6# add some doors/slabs/trapdoors/stairs/etc. For the warp and crimson planks!
      7# can you add the loadstone item?
      8# I almost forgot make the fogs of the other biomes like soulsandvalley biome needs a blue fog and make the blue fire as NOT replaced as sea lantern and the soul torch and lantern are NOT replace as mob heads make three of them as custom blocks don’t forgot the lighting system for the soul torch and lantern!
      9# that’s all!

  45. Guest-3233818769 says:

    can you make the file not empty

  46. Guest-7994879782 says:

    Remodel the trees/fungus and make the biomes spawn naturally

  47. Guest-3149689448 says:

    Things that you forgot for the minecraft 1.16 concept
    1# add a zoglin which is a zombified hoglin
    2# add the strider mobs
    3# make a spawner anchor
    4# don’t forgot the baby hoglin/piglins!
    5# make the crimson and warped forest trees need to be bigger than just 1 design
    6# add some doors/slabs/trapdoors/stairs/etc. For the warp and crimson planks!
    7# can you add the loadstone item?
    8# I almost forgot make the fogs of the other biomes like soulsandvalley biome needs a blue fog and make the blue fire as NOT replaced as sea lantern and the soul torch and lantern are NOT replace as mob heads make three of them as custom blocks don’t forgot the lighting system for the soul torch and lantern!
    9# that’s all!

  48. Guest-9195135300 says:

    Does it work on iPad

  49. KauaDuraes says:

    the file is corrupted

  50. Guest-3151168686 says:

    Hey!!! File is corrupted!

  51. Guest-1198196529 says:

    Can you pls add the target block?

  52. Guest-1485240109 says:

    Hey coud you guys fix the download please, i can’t download it

  53. LightningCraft_YT says:

    oh and you forgot this to!
    You forgot to the nether slabs and doors and those other stuff check the other stuff on YouTube ! Ok? I enjoy the addon but hope you do that for me thanks! ☺️

  54. LightningCraft_YT says:

    Nice addon bro!
    But there’s 2 things
    The Netherite tools burn in lava so fix that oh and Netherite amour!
    And Netherite Tools destroy other blocks and the blocks don’t come to you
    If you mine it nothing will happen Only other stuff but do the other stuff also to
    Ok see you ^^ hope you can fix the bug

  55. Guest-1989601816 says:

    Thanks for this addon ,I’d like to play this in the older versions! (1.16is still beta and i don’t want to update,Do still upgrade it even 1.16 is already out pleeeeeeeeease!)

  56. Thunderflame says:

    No need to download this because i have the Nether Update… :V

  57. Guest-4383781665 says:


  58. Guest-2789261627 says:

    How do I get the netherite? And crying obsidian, trading with the Piglins doesn’t give me it.

  59. Guest-7400513768 says:

    This is useless, just install the latest beta of the bedrock edition to get the nether update, the, your addon was useful before, but now is useless

  60. Guest-5216924786 says:

    Hey dude, thanks for making this pack, it makes it so much better for kindle fire players! I had no idea that there was even a mobile download for other defices, but figuring out makes me love this even more! Thank you.

  61. Guest-8155486095 says:

    Thank you

  62. Guest-5220470100 says:

    Thanks for crying obsidian and nether gold ore. It can help the beta 1.16

  63. Guest-2898386588 says:

    the beta is coming now

  64. Guest-2986230836 says:

    I think this is a great add-on for people who use kindal fire and can’t download the beta so five stars from me

  65. Guest-4719064129 says:

    There is a new version and many people write that “it makes no sense to do a concept since there is a new version” but in my opinion it is a good solution for people who have pirated mc pe
    And they have version 1.12+ – 1.14+ and have cool worlds with colleagues and want to have them forever

    Btw make more addons <333

  66. Guest-8737053831 says:

    Beta for nether update is already out for bedrock

  67. Guest-8722445112 says:

    Lolololollol the beta came out today..
    That’s why its a huge waste of time to make a concept… that’s not even close ands bad

  68. Hey man, can you add iron nugget to the piglin trade items? Or ingot? Im planning on making a survival series from nether the end.Preferably nugget…

  69. Guest-9976725240 says:

    Omg Pls Dont Have The Zombfied Piglin Seperate On The Actuel Update It Replaced Zombie Pigman So Please DONT!

  70. Guest-7953740885 says:

    It keeps crashing my game :/

  71. Guest-8362669839 says:

    can you make the zombie piglins as separate mobs pls?

  72. LightningCraft says:

    Where is the nether wood doors u forgot them check them On youtube u forgot them If u don’t know it and u think it’s fake JUST LOOK HAVE A CHEAK JUST SEARCH SOMETHING UP SO U CAN DO IT!

  73. Guest-9516419507 says:

    Make the addon like from the java edition

  74. Guest-6698441912 says:

    Добавьте пожалуйста плачующий обсидиан и блок мишени.

  75. Guest-2819328050 says:

    Which one do I select?

  76. Guest-8281628369 says:

    The addon itself is pretty good. It covers nearly everything and deserves 5 stars definitely. But, there are some things missing about this addon that I would like to be added. They are –

    1) The biome fog. It is blue in Soul Sand Valleys and purple in the Warped Forest.
    2) Baby Piglins and Baby Hoglins (Don’t forget the cute stuff bro)
    3) Piglins with gold armor
    4) The slabs, stairs, fences, fence gates, doors, trapdoor, stripped logs etc. for warped and crimson woods
    5) Fossils. They are in this addon, but there is only one of them. It would be cool if you could create them as structures with the new structures creation introduced in Bedrock 1.15
    6) Blue Fire not replacing sea lantern. It feels very odd when someone stands on top of a fire block.
    7) Lastly, animated stem textures. You can look it up if you don’t know how to do it. And also please add the top textures of the stems. They currently look a little… weird.

  77. Guest-2051253501 says:

    Can somebody explain to me how do you install this? Im on Win 10, and I am putting it into my Behaviors and Resources files, I have tried them both, help?

  78. Guest-3914048655 says:

    Why the pickaxe is not working..?

  79. NICEEE btw some tips turn on ex gameplay, and if you cant find a biome do /function (biome) SO NICE

  80. Guest-4231904186 says:

    It didn’t work for meee :((( I have tried at least 5 times and each time it doesn’t work. I know it’s good though from other people’s comments so I give it a 4 star :)))

  81. Guest-7343700851 says:

    te amoooooooooooooo muy buen trabajo muy bueno

  82. Guest-3828898254 says:

    This addons the best it dosent replace anything! Except its way to hard to find one of those biomes can u make it so it’s as easy to find as java? Also if u can please make the blue fire not replace sea lanterns I know u said theres a glitch on the beta BUT PLS try again! I MUST BEG

  83. Guest-6373714792 says:

    Finally a nether update addon! That dosent replace anything (except the zombie pigman get replaced but Idc because in the update / snapshot it replaces so ya also the Netherite armor geez how did u do that amazing finally wearable armor in an addon other stupid lazy people say you cant get custom armor but of course you can (GOOD JOB CREATOR OF THIS ADDON YOU PROVED THE STUPIDS WRONG!)

  84. Guest-6529509679 says:

    nice update of the addon but please make better tree models and add
    you could make the soul fire can only be placed in soul sand and soul soil and add white rain effects from the nether to the biomes and change the atmosphere when walking in the biomes and add background to the crimson stem warped stem
    ancien debris
    and add types gates fences doors and that you can make sticks and crafting table and wooden weapons everything that can be done with wood can be done in the crimson of crimson and warped
    please planks

  85. NickoPlayz 2018 says:

    Ok, I like this concept, but when I try it at Beta 1.15.0 it does not load. Only your items, Soul Fire and entities are visible, blocks and biome generation is not working, please support it in the 1.15 Beta

  86. ThisJobYT says:

    The problem is, which download link do I go for?

  87. Guest-2917026226 says:

    Pls Dont Remove The Replacing Zombie Pigman Like that guy said because in the actuely update there replacing the zombie pigman with zombified piglins..

  88. Yo i use ios 13 and i cant install the addon by taping it in 13. I can only do it by moving the resource and behavior into their folders. Can u make it so you have to download the resource and behavior separately? Im not able to use it otherwise

  89. Guest-7173531814 says:

    Can you make the zombified piglin not replace the zombie pigman?

  90. Guest-9612347941 says:

    For the Netherite Armor you can change the Chainmail Armor because the Chainmail armor is us eless.

  91. Guest-7020942560 says:

    When ever I try download This on IOS 13 in the newest software update I don’t manage to at all, can you help me With the downloads?

  92. jixingus says:

    Minecraft Nether Update Concept Add-on is a nice Add-on for Minecraft Bedrock Edition,can I translate it into Chinese and pubulish it to Minecraft China resource center?I hope more Chinese palyer use it!I will write your username in the introduction and can credit your Add-on.Hope you can agree my application.

  93. Guest-6806220732 says:

    Add soul fire lantern and torch

  94. Guest-3537274593 says:

    Add door, fence, stair and gate too

  95. Guest-1736083741 says:

    Please add new structure for fungi / tree

  96. Guest-8549131289 says:

    what is the different between Concepts dawnload and add on ?

  97. Guest-3265215450 says:

    To find the biomes or put them you must use the Function command
    Soul Sand Valley: / function soul_sand_valley (or soul_sand_valley biome)

    Crisom Forest:
    / function red (or red biome)

    Warped Forest:

    function blue
    (or blue biome)

    (Sorry for give you -1 start but it is because of the trees and the effects are not good trees if you could add more models of fossils and trees and add effects)

  98. Guest-5075079263 says:

    Can they all have the real names from the java snapshots? Also wheres netherite? Also piglins dont attacks hoglins they only do when the piglins are hungry so can u add all that and then I’ll do a 5.

    • This was created before the snapshots. It was based off of the trailer.

      • Guest-5300547207 says:

        These are the features U MUST ADDED
        1: add the twisted/warped vines
        2: add the nether gold ore
        3: add a new feature about make the blue fire into a custom block/entity
        4: add the target block and criying obsidian
        5: don’t forget to adding more trades for the piglins!
        6: make the roots fossils and warped/crimson trees more fungier!
        7: make the vines climable
        8: fossils make more bigger
        9: that’s all!

  99. User-2873824892 says:

    Добавьте пожалуйста “древние обломки” и все блоки и предметы которые связанные с ним. Ещё, измените текстуру “Hoglin” как на Java и улудшите генерацию “Багрового леса” и “Искажонного леса”, а также измените текстуру “Базальт” как на java. И добавьте лианы из “Багровый лес”.

  100. User-6886614964 says:

    I want netherite.

  101. User-3046804583 says:

    Fix hoglin head glitch on 1.13 and add netherite

  102. Qwerty says:

    Can You add the features that are in the snapshot 20w06a replacing the retextured sea lantern with real blue fire in soul soul and rename everything,pls?

  103. Thetigerking says:

    Can you add netherite and the blue and red wood

  104. polloYT YOUTUBE says:

    I liked the addon but you can make the hoglin and pligin move their ears and remodel the trees

  105. polloYT YOUTUBE says:


  106. polloYT YOUTUBE says:

    I installed this addon a few weeks ago and when I use it I only have 4 things the fungi of the nether and the Mountros and not the biomes someone helps me with this problem I have the version 1.14.20

  107. Michael Wilkinson says:

    needs the red vines and target block.

    id also really like to see things that weren’t shown off but presumably might be in the update such as things crafted from these new blocks and items.
    list of ideas include:
    -treating the red and blue nether wart trees as any other tree, with not only logs, but also wood (6 sided log), planks, slabs, stairs, doors, trap doors, fences, gates, signs, buttons, n boats, etc
    -red mossy cobblestone n red mossy stone brick (with stairs, walls, slabs, etc) made with the red vines and cobblestone or stone brick
    – blue nether brick (and stairs, walls, slabs, etc) made from blue nether wart n nether bricks

  108. Anonymous says:

    te gusta warfredone? XD

  109. ThisJobYT says:

    At least make the custom biomes in the nether spawn 10-25 blocks away from the nether portal.. When I try to explore these biomes myself, I can’t find them anywhere, let alone a single piglin or hoglin! I have experimental gameplay on and my render distance was at 8. Is something wrong with the Addon??

  110. Dark Cyber says:

    Amazing Addom and all but there are a few things missing.

    1) Piglins can also have crossbows as shown at minecon
    2) Piglins ignore you when you wear gold armour
    3) Baby hoglins
    4) Bastions; they are small fortifications built by Piglins
    5) Red Vines
    6) Target Block

  111. bigmom66 says:

    i wish this was a mod for java, along with other addons like this

  112. Hahahhahajakahaj says:

    What mcpe version does it supports?cause theres no biomes ganerated in the nether.Just a blue fire and 2 new mobs

  113. Notpro(noob) says:

    Can u tell me what mcpe version supports this cause im using 1.14 and i dont found any biomes in the nether .all i saw is a basic looking nether with blue fire and mushrooms. But the mob is working

  114. Alex says:

    Please fix the hoglin glitch. Its head is SHPER GLITCHED its 5 blocks away from its body.

  115. Geomatheo says:

    Can you fix the problem with the hoglin head, it just floats of his head

  116. aldreid says:

    Please you must make the trees more fungi than just the same as the tree in the overworked and the soul sand Valley block must renamed as “revented soul sand” and the soul root trees are must be the same from minecon

  117. Gamer120000D says:

    You could add the new red vines

  118. aldreid says:

    Please I want the trees look like in minecon and the pillars must look like in minecon and add some different kinds of fig and make the bones the same or fossils and make it more same than before and blue and red logs have it’s own texture in the up and downed

  119. Geomatheo says:

    How do you barter (trade) with the piglin?

  120. Blitz Wasp says:

    Everyone is asking “why are the biomes not spawning?” Well the biomes spawned on my world. You just need to wait about 20 minutes.

  121. ....... says:

    well the pinglingbeast had it’s head floating in front of it’s body 4blocks far, can u fix it because it looks bad with out it’s head on it’s body……

  122. BigClarky says:

    Shoutouts to modders and their quick work!

  123. Yg Hyder says:

    Make Hoglins breedable (Introducted adding baby Hoglins, is gonna looks like adult hoglins but smaller and with big head) and add bastions (Little piglin villager)

  124. So cool, thanks for made this addons,i like this addons ??

  125. haziq.mohd.izuddin says:

    You must fix hoglin beast because when I on the Minecraft hoglin beast head broken you must fixed right now ?????

  126. Anonymous says:

    Hey, I’m having a bit of a problem with this pack. I’m playing on beta 1.14 on PC but the biomes won’t generate. I see the hoglins and piglins, the fire and mushrooms show up, but it’s all just the nether. Can you possibly fix this? Or am I just doing something wrong?

    • It’s needs time to spawn because if it’s spawning more faster the game crash or giving powerful lag it’s spawning %20 in the nether

      • Anonymous says:

        So how long do I have to wait for the biomes to spawn?

      • Guest-2485138238 says:

        Please update, I wanted the pigstep music disc. I wanted two new structures The ruined portal, and the bastion remnants. Add new crafting recipes, Like the Respawn anchor. 3 crying obsidian at the top and bottom and 3 glowstone Blocks at the middle. You will respawn in the nether. Place a glowstone block the respawn anchor and it will give you a life (In the nether.) The max amount of lives is 4. If you die, You will lose a life In the nether. If you die in the nether for the last time, you will respawn in the overworld. If you try to do it in The End or the Overworld, It will explode (Like beds in the nether.) There is a new trading system called bartering. Throw an gold ingot at a Piglin and it will give you random stuff. Hoglins are scared of warped fungus. Please add all the textures plus the sounds, and the songs like the nether update. If you mine the nether gold ore with any pickaxe It will drop you 2-6 gold nuggets. Add a Function to the smithing table. You could upgrade you diamond gear, sword, and tools with a netherite ingot.

  127. AZ says:

    Biomes don’t generate at all

  128. Az says:

    Biomes doesn’t regenerate

  129. Geomatheo says:

    There Are Two Things Left to add:
    1. Piglin Bartering/rough trading (check mine con live)
    2. Add the Hoglins Sounds (Please?)
    Also why doesn’t the new blocks appear?

  130. Josesssj5 says:

    Hello, good addon, but when you plan to add the bastions? (in which the piglins are generated)
    add that the piglins do not attack the player when they wear gold armor or gold tools and also add a new type of exchange system for these piglins (also, the hoglins, have a great animation error, the head appears very far from the body), add a Spanish translation for the add-on (I can do it to you), I assure you that the add-on will be complete when you add those features, Greetings from Venezuela

  131. Demetrius Rodriguez says:

    How did you make the musroom im trying to make my own but can’t

  132. HR826 says:

    Cool addon. What if you add Nether Fungi or Target block, and please add mushrooms that won’t replace regular mushrooms. Thanks

  133. All this biomes needs time to generate because it’s giving lag if he generating so fast I sorry for that but this to save your phone ??❤

  134. BaldiTheJester says:

    New mcpe beta confirmed

  135. Anonymous says:

    Excelente complemento, te felicito?

  136. Anonymous says:


  137. so cool says:

    do you need to download the Biomes or do you locate them

  138. Diego says:

    can you locate the biome’s

  139. Mie says:

    Can you trade with piglins?

  140. Me says:

    The biomes don’t generate

  141. Alex says:

    Could you make first mushrooms and blue mushrooms without replacing the normal nushrooms

  142. Blaze Power says:

    5 stars!

  143. Eratoz says:

    Do biome spawn naturally

  144. ThatFunnyGuy says:

    Can you make a version of this without the blue fire and mushrooms?

  145. Anonymous says:

    Could you make a version where it’s just the new Mobs?

  146. Mikail2009 says:

    Uhh, make the piglin beast how it’s supposed to look pls.

  147. biel says:

    Please make more updates of this addon.
    Its amazing
    I’m using it on 1.14
    I’m from Brazil

  148. Gabriel says:

    thanks for making this addon .. hugs from brazil

  149. Anonymous says:

    can you make a better foliage mod? where the leaves are falling kinda effect like the pc mods?

  150. unknown says:

    good job i can give you a tweak for 1.15 (because i have beta) foxes are coming

  151. LEO ORMOND says:


  152. TheChromeGamer says:


  153. Geomatheo says:

    This is the best addon I have ever seen that is a concept of the nether update! Also did you make the piglin beast model?

  154. ??? says:

    its amazing! maybe try to polish the mob designs a bit though

  155. Anonymous says:

    But the piglin beast need a better model but cool!

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