Minecraft Windows 10 Tool Tips Pack

This pack Introduces controller hints what were in Minecraft windows 10 edition before it was changed to bedrock edition and redesigned the tooltips the game currently has since better together update. There are 2 different versions, the full release version, and the beta version.

The Beta Version of the Tooltips have a darker color scheme

La versión beta tiene un esquema de color más oscuro

The Full Release Version of the tooltips have a lighter color scheme

La versión de lanzamiento completo tiene un esquema de color más claro


Windows 10 Users

1. Download pack

2. Click on the pack to import

3. Go to setting then scroll to resource packs to activate the texture pack

Mobile users


2. Open Es File Explorer

3. Go to your downloads folder and find your file

4. Long press the file and press on more

5. Press "open as" and scroll down to other

6. A selection screen will pop up and make sure to Select Minecraft

7. If the import was successful go to setting then scroll to resource packs to activate the texture pack


  • Windows10-ToolTips_1594694554.mcpack
  • Windows10BetaToolTips_1594694554.mcpack

Supported Minecraft versions


Installation Guides

is this compatible to mobile? if yes how?
Why you made it? because the game already shows the tooltip when you plugin your controller.
or its to be some type of customization?
it's pretty much a customization; a throwback no less
Can you make xbox tool tip pack?