Published on July 03, 2022

Mob Kicking Game (Minigame)

This new funny minigame from Ancient Olympic will bring you in a brand new minigame idea. Your goal is to kick the chickens into the enemy's goal, with help of a fishing-rod and a knockback sword. This minigame includes 4 maps at the beginning. The Nether Attack, Melkor's Stadion, Ramses Revenge and Red vs Blue. Every map stand for its own, by having diffrent obstacles. Grap a friend and join this beatiful and funny minigame, which only works in Duo. Furthermore the map includes some nice sounds and a scoreboard system which counts your points. To win you have to reach three goals. If you shoot a goal, a new chicken will respawn. So never give up.


  • MOB_KICKING_GAME.mcworld (96.71 KB)

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