Published on October 12, 2023

Mob Vote 2023 Add-on

Mob Vote Add-on is a mod/add-on for minecraft bedrock that adds the crabs, armadillos and penguins seen in the Mob vote 2023.This add-on is used to visualize all its characteristics such as, its animations and its behavior on the surface. All CharacteristicsCrab: This mob has the characteristics of the axolotl, its characteristics are such as: attacking ostile mobs and fish, searching for water, swimming fast, etc.Armadillo: It is passive, skittish and they go in packs. Baby versions may appear and appear in the savanna.Penguin: It is passive, it hunts different fish such as salmon and cod, it can be on the surface and underwater. If it finds enemies nearby, it will defend itself and attack.

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 This is the first version that I released, Version 1

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Well i was the first one the use the addon but there was no items in the game so i am so sorry but i have to give this a 3 star
it has only the mobs and the armadillo drop makes no sense