Published on May 09, 2020 (Updated on April 27, 2021)

Seaside Mansion V.2 - Modern House

Welcome to a lovely ultramodern seaside mansion! This mansion comes with an infinity pool, helicopter and helipad, aquarium, redstone/command block controlled main gate, and much more. It consists of an open floor plan with three stories, all furnished in a beautiful modern style. This is compatible with all platforms, however the +SHADER version is mobile only. Texture pack: ArcModern V.2. Enjoy!

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I love this app use ittt
It's not mediafire :/ it wont let me access the link pls help I wanna test this out can u make a direct mediafire link? tell meh plz thanks!!!
Watch the video in the end of the description
minecraftpro446998997646 April 20, 2021 at 2:15 am
does not even work
oh wait nvm i got it lol but it looks SO COOOL I LOVE IT NOICE BUILD DUDE I LOVE IT
dude it looks so cool but when i press download it dont work i really want to explore this is house it looks cool can you plz help me plzzzz :(
On Jan 20 On a birthday I will burn his presents and smash his cake and rip his birthday stuff and ruin his birthday party
i love your builds too!!!

can you make a village
can you make a village plz of mansions\
How do yo make maps and put them on mcpedl
Just wondering
Wow you should build more like this cause im really loving your creations isnt letting me download, it doesnt do anything :c
Me neither ?
Hello, I’m actually going to get rid of the downloads soon
You should build more this was really creative
Oooh that infinity pool!!!