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With new additions, comes new variants and textures! This new update include root crops, blocks, orchard trees, and boats! This update changes the textures into new ones. This update includes new foods you can farm and harvest.

This add-on adds 20 new crops into the game, plant the seeds on the ground and in a short time, they’ll grow. some crops can be killed instantly while other ones can be sheared to produce more. It also adds placeable items to be used as decoration. Creator: CodanRaigen21Twitter Account

New Items

Placeable entities you can use as decoration, you can obtain these from farming the new crops.

  • Corn
  • Tomato
  • Eggplant
  • White radish
  • Radish
  • Lettuce
  • Cabbage
  • Cauliflower
  • Pineapple
  • Raspberry
  • Rhubarb
  • Rice
  • Rye
  • Chilli
  • Bellpepper (4 colors: red, orange, yellow, and green)
  • Asparagus

New Mushrooms

This add-on also addds a new mushroom type to spawn in the mushroom island biome. Mushroom+ – has 17 variants.

Wild Fern

Grows often in forests, decorative plants for the forest.

New Crops

Use the seeds to plant them on any ground. Obtainable in survival from bribing a farmer villager with diamond and emerald blocks.

  • Corn seeds
  • Tomato seeds
  • Eggplant seeds
  • White radish seeds
  • Radish seeds
  • Lettuce seeds
  • Cabbage seeds
  • Cauliflower seeds
  • Pineapple seeds
  • Raspberry seeds
  • Rhubarb seeds
  • Rice seeds
  • Rye seeds
  • Chilli seeds
  • Bellpepper seeds (4 colors: red, orange, yellow, and green)
  • Asparagus seeds

In time, these crops will grow. A maximum of 5 minutes of gametime.

New additions

Root crops

  • Onion
  • Ginger
  • Garlic

Orchard trees

Orchard trees, with all their wood types. Including their boats (can be summoned through commands).

You can also craft signs and boat items, however due to present limitations signs cannot be placed.

  • Plum
  • Orange
  • Pear
  • Peach
  • Mango
  • Olive

More wood

The new wood types have the following variations

  • Sapling
  • Planks
  • Wood
  • Log
  • Stripped wood
  • Stripped log
  • Leaves
  • Fruits
  • Boat
  • Boat (item)
  • Sign (item)

You can also place them!

To place them, use the “Item ground ( More crops )” and interact with any item from the add-on to display them.

Changelog View more

New additions

Root crops

  • Onion
  • Ginger
  • Garlic

Orchard trees

Orchard trees, with all their wood types. Including their boats (can be summoned through commands).

You can also craft signs and boat items, however due to present limitations signs cannot be placed.

  • Plum
  • Orange
  • Pear
  • Peach
  • Mango
  • Olive

More wood

The new wood types have the following variations

  • Sapling
  • Planks
  • Wood
  • Log
  • Stripped wood
  • Stripped log
  • Leaves
  • Fruits
  • Boat
  • Boat (item)
  • Sign (item)


  • This add-on is updated to the latest beta.
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Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta)

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105 Responses

3.96 / 5 (48 votes)
  1. Jesse1439 says:

    Hello I am the one who copied your textures to its complement,
    I want to apologize for that abuse. And ask your permission to know if I can only use the textures of onion, garlic and pineapple plants. I only make that request, I will erase the other textures as you ordered.

  2. majikl says:

    This addon is awesome! Would love an update for 1.16!

  3. Guest-2035549431 says:

    excelente ,el unico problema es que el agua se bugea al instalar este addon y por favor actualizenlo a la 1.16

  4. Guest-2900176560 says:

    love this add on but after planting about 30 items game started to lag by 40 items it was to the point i almost couldn’t move so had to deactivate it. I was also getting a lot of errors on screen about the orchard trees and water gets funky too. Awesome add on though. Hoping things will get fixed.

  5. Skiwie Piwie says:

    Can you PLEAS fix it for minecraft 1.16

  6. Guest-8404272372 says:

    Didn’t work! I activated the experimental mode, I tried with creative and survival, and there aren’t more crops!! there is only glitchy water.

  7. Guest-6202656837 says:

    The crops should drop more than one seed like the vanilla crops, that way If I want to make a farm with only one seed, I can do so.

  8. Guest-6407659979 says:

    Can someone send a link to the file itself? I can’t get past the

  9. Guest-3455403482 says:

    Make it easier to obtain in survival.

  10. Guest-5436460903 says:

    Why all of them is burning in the day and water is glitching update this pls 🙂

  11. Guest-6213129991 says:

    Please update! It makes the water very glitchy in 1.14 so i stopped using it 🙁

  12. Guest-2297872406 says:

    I agree! The water is really buggy.

  13. Guest-3368683059 says:

    this fails to explain how to get the crops.

  14. Guest-4289445407 says:

    love this! Most of these crops could double as flower if you had the full grown crop to drop in a pot.

  15. Guest-6309037550 says:

    Does Not Work 😰🤬🤯😳

  16. Guest-4621779586 says:

    Everytime I try to download it it says error with a paper with a frown face can you help

  17. Guest-1031611731 says:

    how do u get them in survival

  18. BlindBuffalo says:

    Plsss fix, The water so buggy

  19. Guest-1207439455 says:

    I clicked the download link and immediately got spammed with ads and inappropriate photographs.. I skipped the ads but then it wanted me to subscribe in order to proceed? How do I fix this? The addon looks really good too!

  20. Please fix the water texture it’s all buggy

  21. acommand says:

    I hope these things will be squares instead of entities in the future.

  22. Guest-1649826531 says:

    Why do I get spammed with ads when I try to download this

  23. Guest-4179498273 says:

    This addon blows my mind to tiny pieces, But can you please figure out how to make this PS4 compatible. I really want this addon for PS4 ,and it would make a lot of other PS4 users out there very happy. Thank you for your time.

  24. Guest-6675395392 says:

    You can use commands /give and you will find them

  25. YourMyBanner says:

    Nice idea I really liked it but I was wondering how to get all crops. I searched “more crops” in creative and the only thing I found was woods and onion seeds which work perfectly but where are the rest of the crops?

  26. Guest-5829230507 says:

    Hey can you fix when the snow is on the top of any other blocks because when you place a snow on a block it just take X-Ray on it and it’s so disturbing please fix this

  27. Guest-4910019335 says:

    How long for the trees to grow?

  28. Guest-4847234014 says:

    how do i harvest crops but other than that great mod

  29. DTechGamer says:

    Where should I plant them? Farm land, dirt, course dirt, or everywhere?

  30. Guest-4721122716 says:

    Finally it’s back

  31. Guest-3543644169 says:

    Omg who cares about more crops please update beast craffffft

  32. Guest-9327104166 says:

    How did he let you know he said that in 2019 it’s 2020 now I’m so lost

  33. Guest-3717662281 says:

    Hopefully this gets fixed for 1.14 soon I really want to try this out on my iPad… looks awesome

  34. Machuflei says:

    The crops are NPCs, that means they can be placed on every position but they can be “killed” too instead of just remove them, there are lots of bugs in the 1.14 so I don’t recommend it to be used on that version.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t work in 1.14

  36. Cream says:

    Me and my friend were playing minecraft with this mod. I killed the crops (?) and they ave me these two weird eggs. The rainbow-like one spawned this creepy weird villager that u can’t kill and the black egg kicked me and my friend out of the game. I can’t join her game now because it keeps kicking me out no matter how hard I try. This mod is stupid and shouldn’t even be a thing

  37. Wahyu Hebat says:

    ( • ) ( • )
    | • |
    | ¥ {^<^}

  38. Recommended says:

    Your Crops burn in daylight

  39. Sham says:

    How do I craft the bin things

  40. River says:

    Ideas: new 1.14 update! The seeds are actual seeds and the food is actually food! Done

  41. Brady says:

    This is stupid, food dont die when you hit them and when you plant crops and harvest them they dont even give the corresponding food, also you cant eat them

  42. the french guy says:

    uptate for the 1.12 beta ??? ^^

  43. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know how to download it:(

  44. Minecraftlover070809 says:

    I would be appreciated if you made it so you can eat the veg and fruit and wait for them to grow and villager functions stead of the crops do nothing, you can’t eat the food and the food just rolls on the floor

  45. Ben says:

    I have a issue when I add more than one of your Add on add ons the textures change when I add 5e more crops and more storage both of those Sprites get weird the water tank was textured as a eggplant I wish it would of worked

  46. Anonymous says:

    It didn’t work on mine, I have Minecraft pe. Plz answer

  47. Anonymous says:

    everytime I try to get the seeds it just shows up as a pink and black block

  48. AgentCPU0 says:

    An awesome idea. Would be nice if the plants spawned naturally in the world, in case finding a villager is hard. Also, the crops should be made edible, if that’s possible.

  49. dddddd says:

    they give me the wrong things rye gives eggplants and stuff that shouldn’t give something it gives me it. the addon is all messed up but idc but fix if you can



  51. Anonymous says:

    Like the textures but i cant seem to find where it is

  52. Glen Childers says:

    Why do we get spawn eggs? Player (crash the game), NPC, and camera.

  53. Anon says:

    The food items are not edible, so I just use them for decoration. Overall nice looking, just a little bummed that they weren’t edible.

  54. Ahmedwolfy says:

    It Worked For Me Sooo I Give It Five Stars

  55. Ahmedwolfy says:

    Pineapple Is My Favorite fruit 😊 😉

  56. Thalassagamer says:

    They look great, but it seems to be pretty much only for decoration. When I ‘plant’ the seeds, they do indeed grow properly, but killing the plant gives me something else. For example, I planted tomato seeds which then grew into a tomato plant, but after punching and killing the plant, I was given something else (I think it was a pineapple or a bell pepper). All of the crops do this

  57. kenzie says:

    so i downloaded it and put it on a world and when i try to join the world it glitches me out of the game every time. pls fix.

  58. Lexi'Sundae says:

    Cool add-ons but why it’s keep spawning “on” my house its kinda annoying

  59. Anonymous says:

    I’m trying to get it in survival but it’s not working?

  60. TimoTastic12PE says:

    This doesn’t replace a thing right? Because I want to add stuff not replace

  61. Frank Clarence Siy says:

    Yes best addon it din’t replace any item or mob

  62. Yasra says:

    I downloaded this pack and My world won’t work when I turn the more food pack on..And I’m really sad because for once I actually could download a resource pack on my stupid OIS phone and then my worlds won’t work with the resource pack on

  63. Yasra says:

    It won’t work…I have downloaded the addon and Behavior pack but when I added it to my world my world won’t work unless I take the addon and Behavior pack off…I was really excited for this please fix it

  64. Anonymous says:

    Can’t figure out how to do it…

  65. Marcell123455 says:

    looks nice! but will it replace any blocks?

  66. Magicman says:

    Wow..I like it alot. I like the texture work too. Great work! How do you do the models tho? Its really good. Im thinking of adding hanging plants would also be good 🙂 either way, I like this add on a lot!

  67. Magicman says:

    Wow..I like it alot, I like the texture work also! Great work! How do you make the models tho? Its really good

  68. realdiamondpick says:

    looks nice might use it on my own game

  69. Alesscreeper says:

    two questions
    1. Does not this replace any existing item?
    2. Do you know if this works 100% on windows 10?
    because if so, this is the beginning of true mods for windows 10 edition

  70. VITALIK346 says:

    Вот бы КТОНИБУТЬ перенёс на minecraft bedrock edition версию мода звуки леса а имено мод (Ambient Sounds 2.0-мод добавляет в игру новые звуки природы: пение птиц, шелест травы, звуки лягушек в болотах, звуки ветра и новые звуки под водой и над водой а имено возле воды а имено на берегу возле моря и звуки начных сверчков и звуки кукушки) и также важно чтоб переодичность звучание было как на пк версии в один в один (1 в 1) а не так как на mcpe а вот так как на minecraft java edition только переписан для версии minecraft bedrock edition mod api

  71. Nut says:

    Can you eat them? Also please reduce the cost of it to just one diamond/emerald instead of blocks.

  72. abedalrzak salah ideis says:

    thank you mcpedl for your work and first

  73. CrozzyPlayGames says:

    Nice addon!Can I use it for my map plz?

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