More Player Sizes Beta! V2

This add-on allows you to choose two new types of players; giants and babies;

Giants are much stronger than normal players;

Babies are not but they are a little faster than normal players, and you can also “mount” other players with up to three players in each.

You may ask, “How does it work?”

It’s pretty easy, you just need a golden apple and know what size you want to transform.

If you want to become a baby just use the golden apple in the Evocation Illager (Evoker):

– Babies can go through holes 1 block high (but run if you don’t …).

– Babies have 16 health points and 1 attack damage (normal players now have 1.5 attack damage) and are slightly faster than normal players

– Up to 3 babies or normal players can ride on a normal player (PiggyBack?)

If you are going to become a giant use it on the witch:

– Giants are … giants

– Giants have 40 health and 6 attack damage and are slightly slower than normal players

– Giants can NOT ride horses(makes sense)

and to return to normal use it in the Iron Golem

Note: it is difficult to keep the mobs mentioned above in the same place, you are warned, bOoO

Changelog View more

- Giants are now rideable.

- Resolved the problem of the giant losing its effects when dying.

  1. Version changed to beta because I just started making the add-on.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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10 Responses

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  1. AJDONGGUAKH says:

    That was a great addon,I like it.
    One problem : can you change FOV when players change their size?
    Thanks! 🙂

  2. DinoWattz says:

    How about a giant zombie?

  3. YungEazy2010 says:

    ok can someone expain to me what a Evocation Illager is

  4. PoweredGod says:

    Works in 1.16 on Realms great job m8, you earned it!

  5. Lilobada says:

    Hello can u add 1.14 for this addon

  6. Cats123 says:

    how do you go to normal size

  7. Ender_Philip says:

    Players now can ride other players
    And may i recommend for the giant to be rideable too

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